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    The AB Challenge Quiz - the winners

    As indicated in the apology response #648469 in the earlier announcement of winners, there was an error in the announcement.

    The correct tally of points is as follows -
    Aditya Mohan - 15
    Soundharya - 18
    Umesh - 14
    Juana - 22
    Neeru - 14
    Natarajan - 18
    Dhruv - 20
    Rosie Ray -11
    AB Sivakumar - 8
    Sun - 7
    Dr. Rao - 14
    Padmini - 11
    Syed Rizwan - 8
    Bhushan - late entry, hence invalid.
    There is only one winner and no co-winner of the first prize. The other winners are correct as announced earlier -
    The first prize of Rs.100/- and 50 points goes to Juana. The second prize winner who gets Rs.70/- and 35 points is Dhruv and the third prize winner who gets Rs.60/- and 30 points is Soundharya.

    Participants are requested once again to check the answers and their points and let us know if there is an error. Those who were confused about the clues can refer to the thread on the hint in the clue and give feedback and suggestions for future quizzes.
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    Congratulations Dhruv and Soundharya.

    I will say what I had mentioned in my earlier post. I am pleased with my win – all the answers that I had submitted were right.

    Vandana –
    It is good that you realised the mistake, and were honest in admitting it. But, there is something that has been bothering me. Why did the co-winner, announced in the previous post, not point out the discrepancy? It is not that the individual missed seeing the correct answers because in the announcement thread they have stated that there was one clue that they had missed narrowly. And, now that the correct points tally has been published, it is clear to see that the point difference is massive. They could not have missed the glaring error if they had managed to identify having missed one clue narrowly. So, what happened?

    I am raising this point here since you have not mentioned if you were alerted, as you had in a previous contest. I think it was Syed Rizwan who had alerted you, at the risk of losing the prize money.

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    A valid point raised in # 648555. As mentioned Syed Rizwan alerted the Managing Editor when there was a mistake in his points. Because of that one point difference, he lost his prize in that quiz. But in this quiz, the co-winner has not alerted the ME in the thread of announcement.
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    Yes, I did not mention getting any alert from the participant as that was not the case here. It was only due to a flashback lightning strike in the middle of the night, on realizing the implication of the other editor's comment that it was coincidental to see the exact same missed-out answers from the two co-winners, which made me re-check the emails.

    It is possible that the winner did not really bother to check the attached Word doc. of the list of answers and simply assumed the tally of points was correct. Whatever it was, the buck stops with me as the contest organizer. I am really angry and exasperated with myself. When on earth am I going to conduct a quiz without the bungles?!!

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    The response in that thread indicates otherwise. How could someone have known that they missed a clue, without checking the answers? Honestly, I would not give the benefit of the doubt; you are too kind. "Anyway, these things happen..."
    Leadership is having a compelling vision, a comprehensive plan, relentless implementation, and talented people working together - Alan Mulally

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    Congratulations to all the winners. All the best for the other participants to win more prizes. Request our ME to share the prize amount to top 5 or top 6 in the future contests. This would encourage more participation as each participant would have a better chance of wining.

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    It was an interesting contest and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Congratulations to all the winners. Well done and keep it up.

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    Congrats to Juana for winning the first prize, Dhruv for winning the second prize , Soundharya for winning the third prize in the AB Challenge quiz.
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    Hearty congrats to all the prize winners of this Quiz contest. Indeed a tough contest to many, and easy to very few.
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    We will definitely consider more prize winners for quizzes, but there should be a good number of entries to warrant more prizes. Let's say there are only 12 entries. It does not make sense to give five or six awards in such a scenario, especially if the additional winners would have really low scores. So if the next quiz gets at least 20 entries, we will announce more awards after consultation with the Webmasters and they permit it as per their budget.

    Note that in the case of creative writing contests, where quality is considered, we do consider more awards for deserving entries even if the number is low.

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    Hearty congratulations to Juana, Dhruv and Soundharya for winning the first, second and third prizes respectively in The AB Challenge Quiz contest! A word of appreciation also goes to all the participants who made an effort.

    The cash rewards and points to the winners as announced have been credited.

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    Thanks, everyone. Thanks to Vandana ma'am too for coming up with this tough but wonderful quiz. Wonder, how you come up with such unique puzzles. Since I could not get six of them correct, I wasn't expecting a win. Anyway, happy to see my name among the winners. Congrats to Juana and Soundharya as well. For others, better luck next time. Hope there will be more entries in the next quiz.
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    Please check the contest announcement thread. The points and cc as per your tally of points have been credited just now. In case it does not match or anyone got left out, please let us know. You could also use the recalculate feature at your Dashboard page and check if the points and cc, both, got credited to your account.

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