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    Would you like a postal invite?

    Why is it that quizzes and puzzles do not get a better response? A dozen-odd number of entries is fairly Ok, but it could be far better, surely. I am a bit peeved. The latest brand challenge quiz also lacked entries from a few of the regular quiz participants.

    Even the participation in articles' contests has dropped. The number of articles submitted by a member may be good, but the overall number of participants is not like it was in earlier years.

    So, should I send requests by postal mail? It might create some thrill and excitement to receive something by post in this day and age of quick messaging services. Perhaps, then, members will drum up some enthusiasm to participate.

    Let me know if you want a postal invite!
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    I feel it is not required. It will be an additional work to the Managing Editor and the time required will also be more as it will take more time to reach the letters to the individuals. Instead of that What I feel is emails can be sent to individuals as already the mail addresses will be available with you. Whatever matter is posted in the concerned thread can be sent by emails to the individuals. This will be less time consuming and all the members will be definitely referring to the emails daily. I feel Managing Editor can try this method and see whether there will be any impact. Then a decision can be taken about sending the information by postal mail.
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    Some people see their mails regularly but do not go through forum section daily. Such members may be attracted to participate if we connect with them by mail.

    What will be the number of such participants is anybody's guess.

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    Well when the interest persists , there need not be separate invite through postal mail . And those who can respond to competitive threads they do participate with interest even with your mentions here.
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    When we have almost forgotten the word post and postal department, there won't be any special impact or effect if you spend your time and energy to post a mail. At times it may not reach the member due to the lethargy of postmen. Let us maintain status quo.
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    Well, sending a postal invite may revive the dying art of letter writing but it is not going to have any effect on the number of participants. There may be some other reasons for less response. It is very difficult to pinpoint the exact reason. It may be that members were busy during this particular weekend or couldn't finish the quiz within the time. Sending personal emails to the members along with the regular announcements in ISC may be an option that can be tried, as suggested by few members, but again I would say it's very difficult to find out the reason for the drop in the number of participants.

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