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    Have you ever have wondered of about how much information does the knows about you?

    From Google-Chrome to &, is perhaps the most executed internet platform & sites which is regular for the maximum users among us. We have numerous mails & within this we got sensitive information being shared with others but have we ever have imagined of the scenario when these are leaked to someone unknown while having a close eye on your secrets. Few of the facts could even make you more uncomfortable like Google is also usually tracking you via Google Location Services. Do you believe in this?
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    Traceability is very high here. Google can always be following you as long as you have your smartphone in your hand with a data availability. If you don't want Google to do it you have to put off your Data card or put off the phone. This traceability is very good for the police in their investigations to know about the whereabouts of the culprits.
    One of my distant relatives sent his credit card both sides scanned copy by gmail to his known person through his smartphone. This action of him created a problem for him. Somebody used the CVV on the card and made some purchases worth 35000 rupees. Luckily the cardholder noticed this through the SMS he received and immediately replied that the transaction is unauthorised. Then card providers have taken the action and able to stop payment. The risk is always there. We should be very cautious.

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    Yes Google has been following us closely where ever we are. In fact the so called password which we are using to log is also known to them . What I feel that documents and messages saved in Google drive are vulnerable to leak.
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    There is nothing to wonder. This is how it works. We have Gmail and often we use our mobile to view mails. As a recovery number, we provide our mobile number. Also, we want our contact numbers safe, so we give permission to Google to backup our contacts numbers to contacts in Gmail. So, the mobile number gets connected to Gmail. Then we use Google drive to store our Documents and files. Also we use Google photos to store our photos from our mobile. For both the actions we give Google permission to fully access our phones. Then we use Google Maps to find places and routes. For that we switch on our location. So, Google knows our location and the places we have been to. Google Maps stores our every moment if the location on our mobile is on, even if we do not use Google Maps. Just yesterday only I was exploring Google Maps and in the timeline saw my location and routes dating back to Jan 2017. So, that's how everything gets connected.

    Even if we change our mobile numbers, the location and routes history connected with our old mobile stays in our history.

    The basic thing one should do is to switch off location from one's mobile if one does not need it. That will block Google from recording our location and routes of commute.

    And yes, the documents in Google Drive are not safe. I have heard form different sources that their documents got leaked from Google Drive.

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