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    GTSA Contest - inviting suggestions

    After the e-book photo contest closed, an idea popped up in my mind to have a contest where you have to guess the author of the story. Some of you are aware of the Guess The Author (GTA) contest, so how about having a variation of the same with Guess The Story Author (GTSA)? I would like to have suggestions from members on this concept.

    The concept: Five members will be selected from those who are active forum participants to write a story. They will first be approached via email. If they are agreeable to be authors, then they will be sent a story theme. They must then send back via email their story within 2 days. The stories will then be submitted as forum threads on a single day. On the same day, an announcement will be made of the contest and members then send their answers via email within 24 hours, guessing who wrote which story.

    Let's bounce around some ideas and try to make this feasible. First off, should the same theme be given to all the authors? Or should we have a different theme for each author?
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    Good contest in the making. Like the quiz we've had ( answers in alphabetical order in the first quiz and then jumbled up in the later quiz), we can have one GTSA on a single theme or a common topic, once the members are familiar with the concept, then we can have different authors on different subjects.

    Or, we can have GTSA-1 and GTSA-2 on the above format and combine the points to declare the final top 5-winners.

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    I feel it is a good thought. I feel the same topic for different authors will be a better option to start with. Once the response is seen the contest can be extended to different topics to different authors. Already we had an experience previously in GTA contest. We can go ahead in this way, I feel.
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    Appears to be interesting. It may attract many members to guess it especially who are active in forum section.

    Let us give it a try. Good idea.

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    Guess the story author seems to be different and interesting too. And what I feel that instead of picking up regular contributors, the ME can approach others who are also good authors.
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    It would be an interesting contest. I strongly recommend one title and different writers. The name of five real author's of the stories along with 2 dummy author's should be indicated for the members to select the right authors.
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