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    Beware of what you say and do

    Tech giant Tech Mahindra sacked one of its employees, with immediate effect, was one of the breaking news, last night.

    The woman was sacked for making homophobic slurs, against one of the staffs. The staff (who is no longer employed with Tech Mahindra) took to the social media to throw light on the chain of events that had taken place in 2015. He shared the mail that he sent to her after section 377 was decriminalised. In the mail, he refers to her hatred of Muslims and called her "bigoted and homophobic".

    The company took cognisance of the mail that he shared on social media and sacked the woman, who was the Global Head of one of the departments.

    So, people, be careful of the digital trail you leave behind. It can come back to haunt you.
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    This is one more example as we are bound to restrain about telling or writing anything against anyone. So every one who is working in more responsible position must note this.
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    Good reminder about how to exercise caution while commenting and committing ourselves in written or spoken form (both can be a record that can become a cog in the wheel at a later date).

    Each of us have the freedom to have our own views on a particular issue but it should not become personal or be biased. Equally important is the fact that how we express our views in professional, public or even social life. These days apart from letters and e mail, even our comments can be recorded in audio or video format and we would have to regret it.

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    We should be very balanced in our expressions either orally or in writing. We should use the words very softly. We should not be harsh on anybody. Even though we know we are correct we can't use the words which are detrimental. Another aspect we should always remember is we can't say anything against any caste, community, religion etc. Some people feel that they can write anything they feel on social media as there is no editing there. But that may create big problems at a later stage. So be careful in using words, expressing views and pointing out others. An unbiased and balanced expression with soft language is always better to avoid such complications, I feel.
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    Yes. I have been emotional and did use certain words that really imply that the person under reference is not intellectually the perfect person. I did take a resolution when I crossed the first stage and entered the 10k plus points stage. I have since then mellowed down so much. Quite apart from the fact that ISC does not allow such words, I have also realized that it is pointless to talk about the political class. More so, as they tend to do what they want to do, anyway.

    It is sad that when millions are suffering some people play so dangerous games. But that is the way the world will be. Let us only hope for better times. And we should also learn to use the other technologies. Like, those with some physical handicap are referred to as differently abled. What a lovely terminology. I guess a lot of restraint is now needed. Much more than never before.

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    Social media is a place to talk, chat and communicate and present one's views.

    It is not a place to accuse, revenge and make offenses. If one does so, there will be repercussions and reactions. These will eventually come in the knowledge of people who control you in one way or other.

    And then they take actions based on their perceptions. These actions would be detrimental to one's growth and progress.

    We should be careful in our journey inside the digital media as things can boomerang anytime.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I think we should know how to behave and what to say when we are on a public platform or a common gathering. It is not the question of being tracked or being questioned; it is rather a question of being aware of yourself. Being true to oneself does matter. Freedom of speech and expression has its limits and one need to remain within the permitted boundaries. You have a right to your opinion but then, being a social being, you are expected to maintain a decorum; your words and actions are expected to be decent and logical. I strongly believe that whatever you say or do must be justifiable. You must be able to answer questions that may arise. If you go overboard and know very well that your words or action is questionable and cannot be clarified or justified, you must be ready to face the consequences too. I am not aware of the details of the particular case referred to in this thread but if the action has been taken by Tech Mahindra after due inquiry and after ascertaining facts, I must say it is welcome and needs to be appreciated. Advancement in technology has made us vulnerable to being registered and recorded and so, as the author said, we must be beware.
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