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    Hope! a double edged sword.

    As we grow up, most of us would have been enlightened or learn't about the magic word 'Hope'. Hope is something that most of us believe in our daily lives. Hope it doesn't rain on the day of the wedding reception, hope that we don't miss the flight on our long due holiday, hope to get the first rank, hope to get the promotion. Yes, the list is endless but the point is 'Hope' gives us the positive boost and sense of well being that 'all is well' or would be well.

    On the contrary, if one relies on too much of hope what happens? it rains on the reception evening and preparations for this would not have been made, we could miss the flight and get stuck without backup plans, not get the first rank because we did not work hard in the first place or miss the promotion because we forgot to see that all the criteria were fulfilled.

    When we hope for something and the opposite happens, we feel let down or get depressed or brood on it. It would be wiser to have a plan B, have a unbiased assessment of the task in hand and put in our efforts rather than just relying on hope alone.

    So, we should be realistic when hoping for something, i.e, good if everything turns out as we had hoped, be prepared if the opposite happens, nothing great is lost. We need to understand (and impart to children) that Hope is a double edged sword or like the well known saying Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
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    A fall back arrangement for the untoward incident should be there. If you are planning a reception in the rainy season, don't hope no rain will be there and plan the reception on the open area. Plan a covered area at least so that the function will go normally. Then hope it will not rain and pray the God for cooperation. Do your work and then hope for the better. Simply hoping for the best without any efforts from your side is never acceptable. Keeping a lighted candle in the open air and expecting it to give light continuously will be unwise. At least we should try to keep our two hands around it to protect the flame.
    Always we should hope that everything will happen as expected but we should see that our kitchen will be running even the worst result comes out. This is the best strategy these days.

    always confident

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    If the attempt was good and encouraging , the performer has the right to hope for the good. By the way this life thrives on trust, hope and belief. If we wont trust the people or the work we are doing, there cannot be hope of performance or winning situation and for that belief is also required. Small children trust us more. They learn, re learn and experience the best things in life with the support of elders and that is their trust and belief. And from there starts the hope which are unlimited and unending. Hope is the way of life and nothing wrong to hope for the best.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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