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    Why there are no safety norms for three wheelers?

    The public is very much dependent on the three wheelers called 'Auto Rickshaws ' for their day to day transport needs. We have so many safety norms and features incorporated for the two-wheelers and the four wheelers. No such safety features or norms fixed for the three-wheelers. The three-wheelers account for 5% of accidents and the tempos and vans account for 6% accidents as per the 2013 statistics. We all know how the auto rickshaw drivers drive and cause many accidents. They are not allowed to ply on the highways but we find them plying. They are allowed to take 3 or 4 passengers but they overload with people and luggage. Why the government is not imposing any safety features and norms for the three-wheelers which transport a large number of people in cities and villages? I think it is high time for the government to have certain safety features for the three-wheelers which are causing a good number of accidents.
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    Who said that safety norms are not there for three wheeler or autos. In Telangana especially Hyderabad there are specific rules for the autos. That the color of the auto should be yellow. They should carry only three passengers and no one should share the seat with the driver. That means four in all. The autos if engaged to carry the school students for drop and pick up, only six students are permitted per auto and their schools bags should be inside the auto and not dangling outside to the meter or some other stand. And auto driver must wear the Khaki dress, speak politely with the customers and should not charge over and above the meter charge. But all these rules are not followed, as the autos carry even goods, more passengers, sitting even on the two sides of the driver and at least 10 students are ferried to the school and back. And above all every auto charges more than the so called meter.
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    The rules will be there for 3 wheelers also. but, how many are following. is the question? An auto which is supposed to carry 5 people will always carry 8 to 10 people. It is the main violation. But no traffic police will bother about this. There will be understandings. So the auto people will continue loading more people. It is good if the government can implement the existing rules. Many of the accidents will not occur. But serious efforts in that direction are not visible.
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    No. It's a mistaken concept that there is no traffic rule applicable on the three wheelers but instead while they too are liable to follow the traffic rules as like others on road with no one on the front seat except for driver & no excess of travelers or the luggage. The good thing is that the same is being followed for the longer routes but for shorter routes these things are avoided irrespective of regular traffic norms. This is mainly because of lack of honest officials or in excess of traffic around which doesn't let this happen in a proper ways.

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    The traffic rules are there for three wheelers also, but from the thread it is understood that rules are flouted. In West Bengal these three wheelers, especially auto-rickshaws, create lots of problems and at times law enforcing authorities had to intervene to stop their highhandedness. The rules were there earlier too and after a series of unwanted incidents the police tried to enforce some strict measures.

    There is a passenger helpline number and there is a restriction on the number of passengers an auto-rickshaw can carry. The rules are followed in cities but not in suburbs. Another thing which is very surprising in this state is there are few passengers who coax the drivers to carry them on the right side of the driver, which is strictly prohibited. The passengers also do not care much about safety rules which creates the situation more complex. If passengers are well aware of the rules and refuse to board the auto-rickshaws when rules are flouted, then I hope the violation of existing rules will be stopped.


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    Who said there are no safety norms for three wheeler? There are clear orders and instructions to three wheeler autos. But the law enforcing authorities and law abiding citizens don't follow it strictly. Policemen leave the auto drivers after getting their palms greased. The passengers also insist the driver to carry more number of passengers offering some additional fare to the actual fare. As long as corruption prevails in our country, nothing can be done.
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