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    Which is correct- Cousin or cousin brother/ cousin sister?

    Once I had read in a book that we should never use word 'cousin brother' or 'cousin sister'. Use 'cousin' word only or say 'male cousin' or 'female cousin'. Here I want to know the correct word. Many people use 'cousin brother' or 'cousin sister'.
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    People always feel to get the specific communication to understand better. So cousin brother and cousin sister would convey the right thing to the listener. If we merely say cousin, it is doubtful expression.
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    Cousin is gender less and in itself means brother or sister. So, 'cousin brother' & 'cousin sister' are both wrong. It should be 'cousin' only. One should say like the following

    e.g. He is my cousin.

    The 'he' in the sentence indicates that the cousin is a 'male'. So, there is not a need for using 'male cousin' too.

    Hope it helps

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    When we introduce a person, we say - He is my cousin or she is my cousin. In their absence, when we speak or write we would say - My cousin Lalitha or my cousin Ramu (we can understand by the gender of the name).

    So it is right to use cousin only.

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    You just say cousin, without adding brother or sister to it. At the most, you can say, my first cousin, which implies that yours and their parents are siblings.

    It is only in India that people tend to use the terms cousin brother and cousin sister probably because we refer to them as brother and sister in our mother tongue. Native speakers and those who grow up speaking the language, do not say cousin brother/sister.

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