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    We require awareness programs related to fire safety rules too

    Safety is a basic requirement. Whether you are driving a car, bike, walking along the road or staying inside your home utmost care has to be taken about your own safety as well as the safety of your fellow beings. It is seen that many people are careless about basic safety requirements and carry on with their daily activities without paying much heed to them. Awareness programs about following the traffic rules are organized, but many people still do not want to follow which is a serious concern.

    A major fire broke out yesterday around 2:40 AM, at Kolkata's famous Bagree Market that housed more than a thousand shops and most of them have suffered a huge loss. The festive season is just round the corner and many traders throughout the city purchase from that wholesale market. After every major mishap the blame game starts and there is no exception in this case also. But one thing which is of serious concern is the lack of fire safety measures in the building where the fire broke out. The building is old and the area always remains congested because of the business activities throughout the day. The municipality and the fire department is saying that they have warned the shop owners and the building committee about the absence of proper fire safety measures time and again but they didn't pay enough attention to the warnings. If one goes inside the building, it will be understood how congested it is and stocks of goods are piled up even in staircases which is definitely a drawback during fire incidents. The Bagree Market is not alone, time to time we get reports of lack of fire safety measures in other buildings too. The question is why we do not care about this basic safety requirement? Do we require awareness programs related to fire safety rules too like traffic awareness programs?
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    Nice post from the author raising concern over the fire safety measures we have to undertake as the precaution at every possible place. Very sorry to know that famous market in Kokatta gutted due to huge fire and everything has been lost. Yes there is a need for every one to get awareness about fire safety. Only few days back when a fire broke out in Mumba's high rise building a school child who participated in her school fire safety program has got the tip and guided the apartment residents to safety and thus many those who have panicked has been soothed and shown the right way to safety. In fact every school and college must have fire safety drill conducted now and then and the students must be involved to know the best way to safe the people and property. In fact without fire safety norms no building should be given permission at all.
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    These days when we plan huge construction for commercial purpose or domestic purpose, clearance from The State Fire Service Department is a must. WIthout clearance from them, construction can't be taken up. But some of the constructions which were constructed some years ago may not have these clearances. In every city, there are many such constructions which are not having the minimum safety requirements in case of any fire happens. I think the government should see that all the building should obtain these clearances and see that in case of any fire, suitable safety measures should minimise the damage. A date by which the required arrangements are to be made should be decided and after that date, all the constructions which are not having this clearance should be made unused by the owners also. Then only I think the building owners will understand the gravity of the problem and see that the systems are in place.
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    These are become so routine in our life that these are just part of a news headline of some local or national newspapers. We all are well aware of the fact that this is not the first time that we evident of such fires but after a period of time this leads to take place letting us to discuss about what should have been the scenario so as to keep those under control but after this we got another headlines waiting for us & the complete atmosphere gets diverted to some other topic. The author has raised an incidence which is severe of its type & while at the same time focusing on creating more awareness about the safety norms when the fire has broken out. Due to the existing scenario of the casual approaches on behalf of the citizen as well as from the administration, this seems less avoidable but this is what the maximum possible which we could do & in any circumstances this should be appreciated.

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