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    Once again love fails in front of priority to religion

    For the past three days Miryalguda in Telangana is in National news as a girl who married to other religion boy, and the boy was hacked to death by father's henchmen in front of the hospital where she has gone for check up as she was pregnant. Girl has discarded her parents and married to the boy and the father was preventing their living. Now the worst has been done. The girl wont relent the fight. She has asked the law to punish her father and fathers brother to hang and she would nurture the child at her mother in laws house. Once again love gets death in front of religious fanatics. Any comment. ?
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    I have seen the gory video, yes, the woman is right in standing up against her father and his brother. The duo should be given the severest punishment.

    There is an error in your post – it was not an inter-religion marriage but an inter-caste marriage. I do not understand honour killings; what honour is there in being labelled a bigot and a murderer? How is honour related to whom your child marries? Why do parents think they 'own' their children? Why do they need to control each facet of their child's life?

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    The girl is right. Whether it is inter-caste or inter-religion, why there should be an objection from her father and father's brother. I think the father has done a very big criminal act. He should be punished. His other aids who are involved in the ghostly act should also be punished. Parents should understand the feelings of the children and see that they will be on the right path. But as a parent, you can't stop them from selecting their life partners. Their will is the primary requirement for a marriage and this should be given the highest priority. All other issues are secondary. The acts and deeds of the father in this particular incident are not humanly.
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    But the bitter fact is that the father loves her very much and he says he took this action for her well being ?
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    No, this is not an act of love. When you love someone you want their happiness, over your own false sense of pride. The father has ruined his daughter's life, by having her husband killed. She will never be able to forget what he has done to her – forgiveness looks like a distant dream.

    The man was clearly incensed by the fact that his daughter had married a man belonging to another caste, and wanted to have her back, by hook or by crook.

    Indian parents think they own their children and want to influence every one of their decisions.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    This is what which we have been facing since long & since generations. This is the biggest of the complications in the relations which has surfaced in the form of the inter-caste or inter-religion marriages. The problem is that the traditional ways of societal structure doesn't allow such type of chemistry even in this modern era of open society. This is a sad part & the culprits should well be identified & punished as per law. In whatsoever reasons the killing can't be justified & is inappropriate but instead the father should have consulted his daughter or should have been raised his concern to the police or to the jurisdiction.

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