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    Google is saying "we've found policy violations in your website".

    After few days of submitting the application for associating ISC with Google AdSense, they are saying "We found some policy violations on your site, We can't serve ads on your site until you fix these issues".

    Please fix or resolve this issue, if any, so that I can submit the application for AdSense.
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    If you click on the details of the error notification, it will provide you with the information on what is the issue Google found with your page. Can you please share those details?

    When you report a problem, always report it with all possible details so that we can find a quicker resolution. When someone one look at the problem reported by you and if there is not sufficient information to understand the problem and suggest a solution, there is a good chance that your question will be ignored. I am not saying this just for this scenario but is generally true everywhere.

    Tony John
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    What Himanshu means to say is that whatever Google is saying (We found some policy violations on your site) is for ISC.

    HImanshu, whatever Google is saying is for your profile/account only, and not for ISC.

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    There it is written that there was a problem with your site's content and it can be because of two adsense account. Look at the screenshot here :

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    I am not sure what exactly is the problem. One of the messages say there could be problem in the content of the website but I am not sure what content it refers. It will be difficult to trace without further details and in reality, you may not get further details.

    Second one says you have 2 AdSense accounts. You may have created more than one AdSense account and Google may have found it out. I myself have faced such issues when I tried to create an account for my cousin and I could never resolve it. Once Google says 'you have 2 accounts', there is no option to say 'no, that is not correct'. Unfortunately, there is no solution for the same.

    Tony John
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    Himanshu, hope you are following this thread.
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