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    What do you infer from the mentioned quote?

    There is one quote from the book which is basically extracted through the dialogue of some scene played in the book. Here the dialogue goes like- 'because some truths can only cause pain. They are best left buried.'
    I always believe the truth is the truth and it doesn't have any form but the way to express the truth is really important according to me. For example, sometimes our friend would ask how he looks and even though we wouldn't find him attractive in a certain dress we don't want him or her to feel low and we would say it looks good. That's one of the most humane sides of human and I do appreciate it. What the people of ISC would like to infer? Do comment.
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    Sometimes it is alright to tell a well-intentioned lie. In the example cited, the lie seems to be right, because the intention is to not hurt the friend. We all lie when the occasion demands. We tell the bride, who looks atrocious in the garish makeover, that she looks gorgeous. We lie at the dinner table when the food served is unpalatable. We lie, with a straight face, because we do not want to hurt feelings.

    Sometimes lies are said with an intention to cause damage. You praise a presentation that a colleague runs through you, seeking your approval while being fully aware that it is faulty. The lie will boost his confidence but affect his career.

    A lie can sometimes encourage and help enhance performance. Telling someone, "You can do it" may be just another statement, a lie if you don't really believe in their abilities. But, your little lie can bring about a change in the individual. They can become enthused by your comment and channelize all their energy, into bettering their performance – your lie creates a chain of events.

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    Truth is truth. It may be painful or cause of happiness.

    Sometimes disclosing the truth may bring embarrassing situations and even quarrels and fights may commence. So some prudent people either avoid disclosing truth or tell it in cryptic ways just to manage the situation.

    It varies from person to person and there are blunt ones who tell frankly everything on the face of people whether they like it or not.

    There are social gatherings and functions where one should be cautious in disclosing the bitter truth as these are very hurting and the people indicated take it to their heart.

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    Truth is a truth. We heard many stories which will give us information about the people who never told lies and faced many hardships. Satya Harischandra is one example. Yudhistara is another example. But Lord Krishna advised Yudhistara that in certain conditions we can tell even some lies and he made Yudhistara utter a lie and killed Dronacharya. It was believed by many that in times of losing our character or our life, telling a lie is not a sin.
    But nowadays people feel that telling lies when it is not harming anyone is acceptable.
    Even we can say truth also very politely without hurting the other people. Sometimes even though we know the truth we will keep silent as the truth may cause some pain to the other person.

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    Some truths cannot be hidden, it may be hidden for some time but ultimately it will emerge. Generally we tell lies for different reasons. One reason may be to save ourselves from the other for a particular moment. Suppose your boss or a close friend has given you a task, but you completely forgot to do it. Now, when asked about the progress, you may tell a lie directly by saying you have done the job to save yourself from the consequences or may indirectly try to find some excuses of not doing that job till now. You may be saved for the moment, but when things will get revealed you will be embarrassed.

    Another reason may be to save the other person from being hurt. The example given in this thread is the perfect example where we had to tell a lie to our friends, otherwise they will be hurt. The truth at times may sound bitter, so if it is hurting someone it should be avoided.


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    What I feel being frank and truthful towards friends is the best thing and we cannot mislead those with false observation and that is unbecoming of us. By the way I found most people are open to criticism and they take the suggestions in right perspective. We think by saying the truth other person would be hurt, but other person also knows that we are saying for the sake of his pleasure and that is not truth. We think that the truth is bitter dose for any one and want to avoid, but some people want truth to prevail no matter the thing is against them. So telling the right thing in truth is good.
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