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    Disposal after the celebration

    Should we dispose off the Ganesh Idols in this manner and pollute the water tanks like this? Photo attached for you to view and post your comments.
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    Have a look at the Attachment.
    Courtesy The Hindu.

    Your comments/views please.

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    It is good to observe the festivals but to pollute the environment and dispose things in most shabby ways is really an unfortunate part of it.

    There are many NGOs who are trying to educate people to use the environmental friendly Ganesha idols and dispose them in the earmarked places but still there are a large number of people who are bllindly following the age old rituals without any considerations to their surroundings.

    People do not understand that if we dump the things in small ponds and nullahs it will boomerang on us only.

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    This is the custom coming from ages and it should not be encouraged. We should have alternative arrangements for disposal of these items. I feel it is better to landfill the items. These clay idols, flowers and leaves can be landfilled. The problem is with the colours that are being used for making the idols. The government should ban using colours for making the idols and they should introduce the system of the landfill of all the items like flowers, leaves and other food products. The use of other materials in the pooja is not required. NGOs are trying but it is not enough. The government should take this seriously and see that this practice is stopped.
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    This is a serious concern and we must think of a substitute of this custom. The immersion of the idols in water causes pollution at a large scale where the marine life is put to risk. There are awareness programs organized by different NGOs and local government bodies, where few places are earmarked for the immersion process but lot more to be done in this regard.

    In WB, the Ganges is the most sought after river for the immersion of idols and people choose other options only when they find going to the Ganges is not feasible. For the past few years, because of the mass awareness programs, people dispose off the flowers and other essential Puja accessories in a particular place, not in water, earmarked for their disposal but immerse the clay idols in the water. Few years earlier, the municipal corporation in Pune found an eco-friendly way to dissolve the Ganesh idols that were made of Plaster of Paris, another way may be to use of water cannons, instead of immersion, that can dissolve the idols at the site of worship only.


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    Every year when Ganesh festivities comes, this kind of discussions do hit the media, paper and social platforms but we are totally forgetting one thing that why the government are not banning the community celebration of this festival which gives rise to further law and order problems on the immersion day and the lakes and water tanks are polluted beyond imagination. If Hussain Sagar in Hyderabad can speak and cry, it would have raised huge voice many times so far as the lake has been used as the dumping yard of plaster of paris made Ganesh Idols which amounts to 5000 to 8000 idols every year. Soon after the festivities, the clearance by civic authorities is yet another big task and we can see urchins try to get hold the iron remains which are again transported to the welding shops for half price. This is happening every year and only courts can take suo motto case and want the states.
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    The problem is that due to involvement of religious factors these become very sensitive to the local authorities & to the local administration. This is important to note that this type of celebrations were never had the part of our culture but have been developed during a course of time & this should be stopped.

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    In Hyderabad too this community celebration was introduced during Congress regime when Chenna Reddy was the CM of AP and that is continuing every year.
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    Every year during or after major festivals (Diwali, Ramzan, Ganesh pooja) we hear about problems with garbage and or pollution.

    For a single family or a neighborhood, it may not look or sound that they are the major culprit but if we take the entire locality and the entire town or city, then the problem is huge.

    This fact has to be understood by the people celebrating the festivals. The government and the major religious leaders have to sit down and make alternative plans to ensure the festivities go well, people are not offended and yet the damage to the environment is limited.

    The grandeur of the festivities should not be based on the size of the idol and the extent of decorations alone. Once we grasp this concept, then the extent of pollution can be limited.

    For Ganesh festival, we can start by having 4-5 groups with large idols and celebration arrangments in the town or city, with the rest having the same but with a smaller clay idol.

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    When we have so many Temples around, why should we install idols in different parts to celebrate these festivals like Vinayaka Chathurthi or Durga Puja? Why can't special functions be organized in the temples itself? This kind of celebrations, as Ved Prakash has said, was never part of our culture.

    Such celebrations that create pollution should be banned. With due respect to religious beliefs and practices, I think we should avoid such functions so that we don't contribute to the destruction of nature. Why spend so much of money in making idols and other arrangements just for a few days? Only to be immersed in water? I don't see any connection between religion and these kinds of beliefs; they are mere human creations done with some purpose, may be personal, social and even political. Let the preservation of nature be given importance over such unwanted beliefs.

    It needs to be observed that followers of some other religions have also now started the practice of carrying out processions accompanied by vehicles carrying huge tableaux; the only difference is that they don't immerse the same in waters (as of now), but the, how do they dispose it off is a question.

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    Saji, I partially agree and also disagree. If we all go to temple to worship the lord on festival days, then the temple will be over crowded, and crowd management will be difficult. Having a separate idol for a street or a small area is Okay to have a free and frank , and close Dharshan of the Lord on the festival days.

    What is essential is the disposal of the idol and the pooja items after the celebration. The idol should remain in its place, and should be easily dissolved by pouring water on it. The area can be cleaned easily, and the waste can be dumped. No need to carry the idol to a pool or tank or river or sea for immersion, to get them polluted.

    A special bill may be passed in our parliament.

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