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    World's first hydrogen-powered train

    The French train making company, M/S Alstom introduced hydrogen-powered trains on a 100 Km distance route in northern Germany. Two trains started in this route. These trains are zero gas emission trains. They are very eco-friendly trains. The Initial cost of the engine may be more but the running cost will be less than diesel engine powered train. They are going to introduce another 21 trains by 2021. It is a good alternative to diesei trains in environment protection angle. Many other countries are also planning to introduce these trains. France government is trying to introduce these trains by 2022.

    These trains will have fuel cells that produce electricity through a combination of hydrogen and oxygen. These trains can run up to 1000Km on a single tank of Hydrogen

    A good development. Whether our country will also try for these trains in the near future is to be known.
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    The report seems to be interesting and impressive. As India has been fighting with fuel price hike and the diesel price is almost on par with petrol price, those vehicles, engines and trains running on diesel have started thinking on alternatives. While ethanol seems to be other options, but Hydrogen filled trains also compensate for the diesel to larger extent. In India as of now not all the rail routes are having electrified traction and dependence of diesel hauled locos are still prevalent. And if Hydrogen powered engine seems to be cheaper than electric engines, even those can be replaced in phased manner.
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    It is a great achievement in terms of technology and protecting our environment.

    Now many countries will adopt this technology though it is costly. We can also hope that it will be introduced in our country also as the present Govt appears to be tech savvy.

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    It's indeed a good development. This hydrogen-powered train is eco-friendly and is an alternative to the conventionally used diesel or electric engines. We know there will be a scarcity of fossil fuel in the coming days and scientists are finding ways to combat the scarcity through alternate sources of energy. We are talking about bio-fuels, solar energy and the hydrogen-powered train is definitely another one which everybody will try to adapt. Initially when a new technology is introduced it costs more, when many people starts using it the cost of using that technology reduces. The same is applicable here too and when it will be implemented widely in many countries we will see a reduction in the initial cost.

    The Indian government must be thinking of this alternative since bullet train and some other big projects are on the cards. We have a vast railway network and it will take a considerable time to implement it fully, but this is the future of our trains and any new technology that is eco-friendly as well as uses alternate source of energy will find many takers.


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