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    Why not more electric cars for senior citizens?

    Between 6AM to 9AM some ten trains depart to various destinations from Chennai Central, one of the busiest stations in the Indian Railways. There are a few electric cars that transport the senior citizens, and these seem to be sponsored by some organization.

    However, the 70 plus senior citizens need more. Just this morning, I found at least six of them making inquiries where the cars are. They were in operation on some other platform and could not reach platform 3, where I could spot these senior citizens.

    I think a lot more cars are needed in such places. The Railways have to appeal to organizations to sponsor them. The huge retail shops in T.Nagar, that make record sales and profits might be happy to help if the initiative is taken. There should be at least three per platform and there should be volunteers to guide the senior citizens. Of course, there were some young boys who alerted the police and then I was told that the old people were transported.

    However, get this right is an urgent priority.
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    As per report, a battery-operated car service has been started at both Chennai Central & Egmore stations for the convenience of disabled & aged passengers. In order to use these services the passengers or the travelers will have to book the seats from the source to destination points & the numbers can be noted as 9940356789 from Chennai Central & 9952056789 from Egmore. This information is available as per release from Southern Railway. The users of these services will have to call on the numbers in advance so that the car can be available to the passenger at the required time. The important thing is that these cars can even be seeing inside the railway stations & moving on the platforms.

    A good initiative & I am agreement with the author here that this should be increased to the maximum possible in order to serve the needy individuals.

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    In Secunderabad station also there are a few battery operated cars. These are supposed to be running on the platform and wherever they find some senior citizens, these vehicles can drop them near the place where their coach will stop on the platform. The same vehicles will be dropping the senior citizens who reached the destination through the trains arrived at the exit point. But there are no cars on some platforms and only one or two platforms are seen with this facility. Even young people also are getting into it and driver can't go on quarrelling with them. Now slowly the management is withdrawing these vehicles also due to this problem. I think increasing these vehicles and providing transport to senior citizens and physically challenged people will be good for the passengers. But if the facilities are given not used properly. they will also be withdrawn. This will make the people who really want the service to suffer.
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    It has to be understood that Chennai Central is the most busiest Railway station as it is the entry to the deep South India and naturally the incoming and out going trains are more. At any time the station would be full with passengers and send off givers. And what I observed that except few platforms , others are not that big and the width is less. So running the electric cars in between the walking passengers would be cumbersome and also risky to other passengers. Yes the demand made is reasonable but Railways has to see the viability of adding more such electric cars for the benefit of senior passengers.
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    This is a very good facility and will definitely help the elders.

    There is much crowd on the Railway platforms and to maneuver these electric vehicles there may be a challenge during peak hours.

    Still they can design some dedicated movement track on the platform and also design cars as sleek ones to operate in congested place.

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    Indeed, it is a need of the day. The railway authorities should make arrangements to run a battery car in each platform of major railway stations. I will recommend that the size of the present car should be reduced to carry only 3 passengers at a time. If it is a large vehicle, the whole family members will sit together on the car with their luggage. This should be avoided. Only the senior citizen or the sick passenger who cannot walk should be permitted with an assistant to help them. To avoid misuse, a small token amount can be charged from the passenger. A railway staff should be positioned to control and monitor the movements of the battery car.

    Such SC passengers should reach the station well in advance prior to the departure of the train, to avoid any eleventh hour struggle in the railway stations.

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