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    Is it an attention dragging act or he really have so much affection for the elected leader?

    A BJP party worker and ardent fan of BJP MP Nishikant Dubey, in a surprising act before media, has washed the feet of MP with water and then had the same as Prasad. This act has even surprised the MP who was taken aback by such a strange gesture. Many people started criticizing the MP for allowing this in front of electronic media. But the MP defended by saying that even Lord Krishna washed the feet of Sudhama. Nevertheless, this act has been the talk of social media and this also raises a question as to whether such act is done deliberately to hog limelight, or the follower really meant it?
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    It is difficult to judge the intention of that BJP party worker from this action. Earlier also, we have witnessed similar incidents and those incidents quickly grabbed the headlines. This is election time and different political persons/parties will employ different tactics to hog the limelight. For the next few days people will discuss the action of the said party worker and will forget after a while. As long as the politics of appeasement and favouritism continues these acts will be observed from time to time.

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    It is not affection or admiration but is foolishness that arises from the fact of being blind about an ideology or a person. It is a shame that a party supporter could go down to such a level. Let alone washing the feet, to drink that water is so irritating and atrocious. Is this the image of India that we are going to project? This may be an isolated incident but similar incidents had taken place earlier also. And why did not this political leader prevent his so-called admirer from doing so; must have been enjoying! These kinds of actions by some section of the people and the positive reaction of the leaders to such acts do put a question mark as to where we are being taken to.
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    We should be loyal to the party and should follow its ideology but not individuals. At the same time, we can have high regard for the people who are running the party in such a way that it will not go away from its ideology. But this should not result in worshipping individuals, Washing the feet and drinking that water is a big overdose. Probably the individual may be having a very big requirement for which the cooperation of the MP is essential. Otherwise, there is no necessity for anyone to go to such levels.
    In Tamilnadu, We heard that somebody constructed a temple for a cinema actor. In Telangana, someone has performed milk bath to the statue of KCR. The present incident is much worst. The MP might not have allowed this. You can like and you can love the politician but need not worship.

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    This is too much to wash a feet and drink the washed water. It is an insane act. The supporter of the MP could be a mad guy to perform this act. The MP should have stopped him from doing it. Instead, he commented that there would be a day that he will wash his supporters feet and drink the water. Both are mad guys, I think. He should have just washed and applied Chandan and Kumum on his feet to show his support.
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    Washing the feet is usually reserved for elderly people, people who have taken the spiritual path etc. This gesture tarnishes the image of the country, the image of the party and of course the MP. Time and again, we have discussed about social media and the ease with which such controversial acts and statements can be widely shared on the internet and social media.
    The MP, not only being ignorant and unwise (for allowing his feet to be washed), has further gone on to support him permitting this to happen. The party worker, for his part, may develop a tummy-ache but has scored brownie points with his leader. It's embarrassing to see the videos, I hope every party gives a code of conduct to its elected leaders to avoid the party's image being darkened.

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