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    Guide your children with utmost care.

    Presently it has been noted that parents are over conscious of their children. Thereby, they spoil them instead of alerting them.
    Some matters are to be handled carefully and overemphasizing or creating abnormal consciousness may bring in negative effects. Smt Allirani, a social activist told that repeated advice to children on 'good touch, bad touch' makes them suspect everybody, even reliable relatives. This makes them develop a lack of self-confidence and belief in others.
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    The brain of child is like a blank slate. We can engrave what ever we want there.

    Children are very sensitive and any serious matter will have effect on their thinking. We must be very cautious in handling them when we want to convey them something. Instead of telling something straight, it is advisable to talk to them in interrogative and participative manner so that slowly they try to understand it.

    Now a days society is becoming more and more free and liberal and many subjects which were taboo earlier are being discussed in the drawing room.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The children mind is always on the development spree and they take enough advise and suggestions as they grow big and it is the mother who plays important role in imparting basics and teach about everything in phased manner. Good touch and bad touch is also one of the lesson a child has to be taught especially a girl child. Normally a girl child feel shy while talking to others and that should be maintained. Mother should also make her learn about the possible worst behavior from others and how to react. These things are very sensitive issues and the girl child should not be made frightened to live with fear.
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    The parents are the first tutors for their Children. If they teach good habits they become good citizens. If the parents are having bad habits the children may also imbibe the same. So parenting is not simply teaching them and advising them. The parents have to follow and stand as an example for their children. Then only the children will get all good habits.
    Pampering the children is also not advisable. They should understand the ground realities also. Then only they will grow up in a way they can withstand the hardships also if at all they have to face in their future. The children in their tender age will grasp the things very fast and the mind can absorb the things easily. So it is easy for the parents to make them in the desired way. A plant can be bent but not a tree. This is what people say and the same is applicable in the case of human beings also.

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