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    Time for systematic development of tier three cities

    In every State, the huge cities are becoming centers of massive growth and employment opportunities. The real estate developers are very happy. For, they make money. However, those who live in such cities, face very tough times.

    Now that the tier 2 cities are also experiencing huge growth, it becomes essential to move industry and even IT to such cities. For instance, Hosur, Salem, Tiruchirapalli and Tanjavur, among other similar tier 3 towns, in Tamil Nadu, can be the new centers of growth. However, one has to plan all the infrastructure and not rely on what we call, "normal growth".

    In the neighboring Karnataka, Hubli is said to be one such tier 3 town, capable of good growth. In Kerala, it could be kannur, and even Palghat. In Maharashtra, it could be Admednagar and Nasik.

    In AP, it could be Nellore and Chittoor. We need to understand that only such cities can be the face of real development in the next twenty years.

    What do members have to say on this view?
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    In fact the government must shift its order of development to the village and town and see that all the town be developed on the lines of smart city project. In Telangana, the new state government has created 21 new districts and by virtue of it many three tier cities have become capital or b tier cities. And the main reason for Telangana statehood is to have balanced development in the all the small towns and cities. Now that big cities are over loaded with population and growth, the shift must be on B cities and C cities . For example Siddipet was either too known as town has become a District and today all big shopping malls from Hyderabad are having branches there.
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    The development should not be concentrated in some designated cities. It should be scattered and equal in all the areas. But in India, the development is very much concentrated. The best example is Hyderabad. If you remove Hyderabad, there are no places suitable for State Capital in Telangana. Even after 4 years of Telangana formation, there is no change in the situation. Because of this only, Andhra Pradesh is not having a good place which can be straightaway declared as the capital. This is the very reason for the Amaravathi development. I hope the AP government will at least understand this problem and see that the development will be uniform in all the places. As suggested by the author the small town is to be developed into cities by providing the required infrastructure and good connectivity. This will see that the population density will not be very heavy in some places and in some places it is very less. This will help the industries also to spread around all the places.
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