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    Why some people talk so long on phones?

    Telephone, whether landline or mobile is basically a gadget to communicate. I remember in earlier times we were using it very sparingly to communicate the important matters only.

    Today people are simply talking on insignificant and petty matters on phone for a long time and simply wasting the bandwidth.

    Sometimes, I wonder how can they talk so long when they do not have anything important or urgent to discuss. Are they simply idling their time because they have plenty of it and they do not know how to use their time productively.

    What is your view on this?
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    It's a very interesting thread. I think there are few aspects of this behaviour. First, let's consider about the different natures a human can possess. Some like to talk more, some doesn't like to talk at all excepting about the important things. In this case it will be found that those who love to talk more will be engaged in a lengthy conversation which may last for even more than one hour.

    Secondly, earlier the number of telephone connections were less and mostly limited to landline. So, people had to wait for the availability of that person to start a conversation. Nowadays, there is no need to wait because everybody is carrying a mobile phone and whenever they are free they can start a conversation with a person of her/his choice.

    Thirdly, students are engaged in conversations, at times more than the adults. It is not always they are chatting with friends, but also discussing about studies or different school/college projects. Students are less busy compared to the professionals and hence have ample time for a telephonic conversation.

    Lastly, I would say the reduced call cost has much effect on the pattern of the use of telephones. Earlier, the call cost was more and there was limited number of free calls. Now, almost all the mobile service providers are providing 'unlimited calling' options. Many people have the tendency to use a quota to its fullest and they feel they are doing the right thing by talking over the phone for long hours to utilize the 'unlimited calling' schemes.


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    When the facility is available, why not we make use of it to the fullest extent possible. There are service providers who permits unlimited use of calls. So, people make use of it as they are paying for it. However, I do not like people misusing this facility during their office hours and while driving a vehicle.

    Last Sunday, when I was travelling by Uber taxi, I found the driver talking over the phone throughout the journey. After reaching my destination, before paying the taxi fare, I said," My dear, I appreciate your driving efficiency with good overconfidence. But I found you talking over the phone during the entire journey, and you drove with a single hand. I humbly request you to stop this practice of talking over the phone while driving. All the hours may not be good hours. There could be lord Yama waiting on our way. So be careful, especially while you are carrying passengers who likes to reach their destination safely." He said," Sorry Sir"

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    We already had forum discussions on this topic - Are you a detailed talker on cell phone and one related to it - How to stop people talking unnecessarily on phone for longer periods.

    So we will allow this discussion only if new aspects are brought up. It is best, as we have reiterated before, to use the search box and check if the topic (whether the exact same or very similar to it) has already been raised in the forum.

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    Phones are a very good means to pass on the information within no time to the required people. I know when people used to wait for days together to get the information. When there was a relationship between the payment you have to make to the time you have spoken on phone, people used to speak as per the requirement only. But now the cell phone is very cheap and there is no payment proportionate to your talk time. This is the main reason for the people to talk for so long over the phones without any necessity. I have heard people talking about movies and other unnecessary matters.
    This mainly due to the lack of proper activity and they just want to pass time. In the houses, ladies will struggle for hours together to get the works completed. They don't have any rest or recreation. So when they get some free time they will enjoy their time by speaking to their near and dear. Those times they may spend a little more time on phone.

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    What I feel that some people take pleasure in talking in detail as they do so in person. They have been given with telephone only for that purpose by the house head. Especially the talks between sisters, between close friends and close relatives , and those who are living in long distance are bound to talk for long hours. There is nothing wrong to talk for long on phone, but that should not be a disturbance to the others nor for themselves. And talking the same issue again and again should be avoided. Mostly such long talks should be made when there is no other work pending and nothing to attend.
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    As far as I remember, in 1995 or so people had to wait patiently so that it would be their turn for dialling to their beloved ones. Even if one wanted to linger the talks, it could not be possible due to twin reasons - first being, the crowds would not allow to do so and the secon factor was the whopping bill normally one had to pay at the end of the telephonic talk.
    Now the situation has eased the situation by having low tariff- rate and at the same time, every one has his smartphone and so the dependence of the Booths are virtually absent.
    Every one has a different style of conversation, some one would like to pass on the detailed information within a limited time. They know where to start and what should be the last point to be touched upon. However, maturity - level in this regard would vary widely from person to person. Moreover, owing to unbelievably low call of tariff one has not think over the price - regimen and hence talks in the smartphones would multiply. We are sometimes not rigid to time - schedule and hence our bills are sometimes inflated.

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    As I have observed, there are two occasions wherein the calls can be lengthier than expected. One is personal & the another one is official & I don't find any objection so long this comprises need of the hour which is often the case because for smaller talks & messages we got another platforms as WhatsApp & SMS.

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