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    Are the decision makers fearful of trolling?

    Have you ever thought of going off the social media for a while? I was just reading the news of the tweet that Sania Mirza used to declare the decision to sign out of social media for the next few days because of the unwanted things she had to bear with after the high voltage India-Pakistan cricket match at the Asia Cup that will be played a few hours later. It's her personal decision and I am not speculating the reasons behind announcing this through a tweet.

    Almost all of us have the habit to log in to the social media platforms at least once in a day. Suppose, you are a very important decision maker in your company or business and you are about to announce something very important within the next few days. You have a group in Facebook and Whatsapp consisting of your associates and it is a tendency of people to opine their views in social media more, rather than expressing them in the situation where it is required. Before announcing the decision you are sure that it will create ripples and you are apprehending trolls. Now in this situation are you going to go off the social medias for a while to stop this trolling or would like to face it?
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    A good manager and a good professional should never hesitate to take a decision which is good for the Organisation. It may not be linked to individual gains and losses. It may hurt the feelings of some people. But it is a part of the game. I feel we need not worry about it. There is no necessity of going off the social media. Let people express whatever they feel. We need not worry as long as we don't have any selfish motives and bad intentions in taking those decisions. I rarely visit Twitter. But I regularly go through Facebook and WhatsApp. But I don't use these for official purposes.
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    One thing is for sure, if you are in social media, you are bound to be trolled for good and bad views or decisions. Why social media is made, to express something against the person, system, governance or the decision taken there off. If people back track because of trolling means they are not fully prepared with replies. What I therefore advise the people that when you are making a statement , be ready to give a befitting reply for any trolls, that way you can be in social media, otherwise it is better to get off permanently from such platforms, This applies to every one whether Individual or companies.
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    No job can be done if we consider trolling right? Modi has introduced so many things until now and he has been trolled a numerous times. But he kept with his reforms without fearing the trolls. Anushka Sharma has been trolled heavily for her "poor" avatar in her new movie. But Anushka is taking it all positively and she even laughs at her own memes. I think its about the individual. If you are highly attached to something then trolling that would severely upset and make you take rash decisions. So it's the best in very ones interest to leave the company of trolls.
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