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    Is Teachers Role Important In Improving the Education System of India?

    We know that it is the teacher who has to play an important role to mold the students towards gaining better education so that they could become successful in their respective lives. The teachers should be included in framing the education policies, this will help in creating a better framework for the improvement of the education system in our country.

    Is Teachers Role Important in Improving the Education System of India?
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    Nice suggestion from the author. Right from Nursery to the 10th class each teacher has own responsibility to create a lesson plan which is followed by the management and the teacher day wise. If a teacher can create a lesson plan, that is the real document for the government to take note of what is required to be leaned for which class. Accordingly government can create additional inputs and that would be inclusive program for the students to learn and understand easily. Now a days the text books in government school is different and it is also different in convent and other private schools. This kind of difference should be avoided.

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    There is no second thought about this. The role of a teacher in shaping the citizens of tomorrow's world is second to none. If a particular person is not sincere to his job it is a loss to the Organisation in which he is working. But if a teacher is not sincere in his duties the entire society will be at a loss. This is a fact which can't be denied.
    In our Hindu culture teacher has been given the place after the parents. That is why we should respect the teacher. At the same time, the teacher should keep up with the expectations of the society. The teachers should be made to involve in policy decision making and framing the syllabus and deciding the needs of the student in becoming a good citizen. These days the relationship between the students and teachers is also becoming commercial and losing its sanctity.

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    It is true that teachers should get a major role when any modifications in education system is being introduced. Because teaching approach in different subjects differ. A mathematics teacher can not fit in as a language teacher. The approaches will be different. Hence the opinions of all these categories of teachers have to be taken note of while drafting syllabus and teaching methods.

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    Any policy framed by the Government would have teachers, experienced senior faculty from various departments, prinicipals etc who would be vital to give ideas and point out the direction to the Ministry of education.

    I think the main problems would come not because of lack of advise or inputs from teachers but due to ignorance or willful lack of passion on the part of some of the key policy makers and finance allocators for education.

    So, Yes, teachers are vital to improve the education system. The teaching community also should be aware of the enormous responsibility on their shoulders and hence should give suggestions or chart out plans keeping the current concepts, competition, technology and also the future career and job prospectus of today's students.

    Once this is done, the Government should make every effort to implement most of the well thought plans.

    Related to the topic, I would like to share some simple but amazing thoughts that I read on Forbes India school ranking, wherein the catch phrase is ' A happy student is the mark of a great institution'.
    ( Here, I found that in school ranking, inputs of parents and teachers are also considered. It would be a good idea to consider using parents and student views/suggestions on how to improve Indian education system.

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    Thanks to all, for your valuable insights. Hope to see a mechanism being charted out and teachers role is given more importance in policy framing. Good Luck Friends!

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