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    Kindly exempt the Senior Citizens and Ex-Servicemen from paying toll at NH toll plazas

    Presently, there are hundreds of toll plazas spread (464) across India from North to south and east to west. All these toll plazas charge heavily. If one has to travel through the national highway, they will have to pay many hundreds rupees from their pockets, especially the private vehicle owners traveling in their own cars as tolls to the toll plazas maintained by private contractors.

    It is Okay for commercial vehicles who make money, but not private vehicles who lose money. Also it may be Okay for the employed who own a vehicle, but what about the non-earning members who own a car and travel from one place to the other. Such non-earning members are the Senior Citizens and the Ex-servicemen of our country who lived their life paying their taxes regularly to the government. They earn only 50% as pension to lead their life after retirement.

    Tamilnadu itself has about 41 toll plazas. To move from Chennai to Kanyakumari, one has to pay nearly Rs. 1000/- as toll to 13 toll plazas while the amount spent for fuel is between Rs. 3000/-& 3500. Should we pay 1/3 amount as toll to our government. Moreover, on national highways, the vehicles ply at very high speed reducing the mileage (kmpl)obtained per litre. While the economy speed is 50 - 60, latest vehicles cannot maintain that low speed on the National Highways. They ply beyond 100 kmph. So, there is a heavy loss of fuel.

    Why not our Government give toll concession to the Retired Senior Citizens and Ex-Servicemen of our country. My simple and humble request to our government is to consider the following recommendation.

    1. Fully exempt the Retired Senior citizens and Ex-servicemen from paying toll.
    2. Consider paying 50% of the toll fare. (If Rs. 100 is the toll, they may charge Rs. 50/-)
    3. Consider a blanket token toll of Rs. 20/- irrespective of any high or low toll fare(If the toll fare is Rs. 25/-, yet Rs. 20/- is to be paid)

    To avail this facility, the Retired Senior Citizens and the Ex servicemen should get a special certificate from the RTO of the concerned Registration Authority, clearly mentioning, the vehicle number, the name of the owner, designation, age(DOB), and personal Identification mark.(with a photo affixed).

    Members, Your good views and comments please.
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    While I do support the demand raised by the author, but implementing the same wont be possible. Verifying the credentials of senor citizens would be big process and during the rush hour on all the gates of toll plaza, verification would take time and thus government may not consider. However a service road must be created beside toll plaza through which only senior citizens can be sent. Normally the locals need not pay the toll rates and they must be given with free toll identity card and display of which the toll should not be collected. This kind of arrangement can be made.
    K Mohan
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    You are wrong. As a vehicle enters the toll plaza, the number is photographed and passed on to the computer. It is very easy for the person on duty to look at the Identity card/certificate and compare the number. It takes no time.

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    How to manage this is the question. For example, let us say in a car there are 5 people and one is a senior citizen out of the five. So the toll is to be exempted for that car. The toll is levied per vehicle but not per passenger. Is it the idea that the toll to be not taxed to the vehicles driven by senior citizens? All these questions will create a lot of confusion. My question is why we should be paying the toll. We are paying road tax for the car, we are paying taxes on the diesel/petrol we are using. We are paying tax for the money we earned. What is happening to this money. Why can't they utilise that money for the infrastructure? These days the toll gates are very high in number and they are collecting heavily. So my opinion is, in general, these taxes should be brought down to less than 30%.
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    Dr. Rao,
    I understand your question. You have a valid reason. My recommendation is only if our government continue to collect tolls for the vehicle. The toll is to be exempted for the vehicle owned by a senior citizen or ex-servicemen. The driver could be anyone as the SC or ExSVCmen may not be able to drive the vehicle. So, the vehicle and the owners pass/certificate should be checked and compared, and let free.

    In the absence of any valid pass/certificate, the concession should not be extended. Generally, the percentage of Senior citizen/Ex-servicemen owning vehicles would be very limited. So, this concession can be extended to the SC/ExSVCmen.

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    The idea of toll was based on build and operate basis where cost is to be shared by the Govt and the builder. It was a good idea as it helped Govt to manage the show with less investment of capital.

    Unfortunately it became a unnecessary taxation on the road users on a regular basis. It also created traffic jam and other problems at places.

    When people are already paying so many taxes it is another unnecessary add-on tax. There were many agitations to remove these toll gates but due to private ownership it was not successful as Govt was contract bound with these operators.

    Anyway, it is a good idea to at least exempt the seniors from this heavy burdon.

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    Toll plazas are operating on investment and reap the cost next concept and hence they wont leave any one except President , PM, Chief Justice, Defence cars, others are liable to be charged. But a concessional tariff can be announced for the senior citizens.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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