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    Are you tracking who is visiting your profile page, articles, forum and ask experts ?

    Many of us write the articles and when it is approved , we tend to forget the same and wont even visit that page as if we are ceased off the matter. But as a author we must visit our every article and see who has responded with what content. And any one contradicts or give negative comment, that has to be addressed. Like wise also have tab on who is visiting your profile page and that would give an impression that you are being watched for your performance. Nevertheless , interaction is the hall mark of anything in our life and that applies in ISC too. How far you are following this ?
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    Why should I track the visitors to my profile page. Of course, I return to Ask Experts and forum section to see anyone has posted any response to my question in AE section, or posted any response to my forum message or counter response to my response.

    @ No need to track anyone, but to see someone's answer to your question or a response to your forum message or response.

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    If there is a response to our articles we may get an email or alert. So from that, we will know about the responses to our articles. Then we can visit and see what is the response. I will see the responses for my threads and also AE section. But I will not see many times my profile page.
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    For any of the articles, threads or postings I have opted for an option wherein if someone makes a comment along with my postings then I use to get one email informing of the same. Hope so that this remains the easiest of the ways to remain updated with the facts & responses from any of the members or even from the outsiders being posted as an "Anonymous".

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