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    Why spending Quality time with children is a must

    When I recently met a friend after a long gap of five years, he was just about to retire from service. He had his son married and was living with him. The son was seen talking and joking with his son on the dining table.

    The father engaged him in conversation, mentioning China, and also told him that he would show him enough pictures after dinner. He was very patient in explaining and clearing all his doubts. The mother, a banker, was also seen explaining facts she knew. My friend, the grandfather would also chip in whenever necessary.

    It later transpired that on some weekends the parents would compulsorily spend at least three hours in an old age home, or home for orphans and so on. They are very rich and both are earning members. Yet, the right sort of values is being imparted at such a young age.

    How many of us do this religiously?

    What do members have to say on this?
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    As a parent it is imperative for every one to spend quality time with the child. Especially the girl child. Yes children have lots of doubts and clarifications and that as to be addressed by parents. Who else.? When children are growing and confronted with outside world, they come in contact with good and bad elements and if the parents in conversation mode daily, the children would share their views and moves. Otherwise children take their own decision and sometimes bring bad name to themselves and also the parents. So spend at least one hour in a week with the children.
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    The children will learn the things from their parents and grandparents. So if the elders teach them good habits, they will become responsible people in the coming future. A child is not knowing the difference between the good and bad. We have to spend sufficient time and tell them what to do and what not to do. If we leave them on their own and we will spend our time in our own activities, the children may not turn out to be good.
    We have to tell them ethics, values and good behaviour. We have to show them how to behave with our behaviour. We should teach them that they should respect elders by showing them that we are respecting our elders. We should mentor them and we never behave rashly with the children. We should be soft with them and see that they will get the required morals in the life. It is very essential.

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    It feels good when we are through with the above incidence. In fact we hardly have gone through such positive posts in the past because in many of the threads we only discussed with the materialistic needs of the individual with the growing efforts on his account to get more with increasing desires with no time for their children for being both parents continued with their jobs in order to come over their necessities of life which remains never ending during any occasion.

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    Your time is the biggest gift you can give to your children. Your children will remain children only for so long. Soon, they will grow up and become independent of you. And that is a healthy thing. I advocate the independence of children.

    The formative years are the most crucial for a child. It is when you inculcate values in them. It is when you teach them to cope with victories and disappointments. It is a time when they learn to recognise their strengths. It is also a time when the roots of the parent and child bond are formed.

    Make time for your children, when you are at home. I have seen parents tell their children not to disturb them, as they are busy. They don't realise that they create a trend; soon the children will stop approaching them with questions and problems.

    Don't time the time you spend with your child. Be there for them at all times, and you'll create healthy relationships and confident children.

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    It is really an unfortunate thing that many parents are not able to give quality time to their children. This is not only creating a gap between them but also children are feeling that their parents has no role in shaping their academic life.

    It is very necessary that for a good and meaningful grooming of children the parents must find out some time at least every week where they can exchange their experience and knowledge with them.

    This will inculcate a bond between the children and the parents. In fact parents are the best teachers for their children and no one else can take their care in that matter.

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    Parents are the first teachers of a child. The child spends most of the time at home and follows what their parents are doing. Nowadays, both the parents are working and hence the child doesn't get enough time to interact with them. The formative years of a child is the most crucial part for all round development and the child must be guided by the parents at this time to face the world bravely.

    It is the time to ask questions and the parents must face the questions and answer them properly without avoiding. We hear about mobile and gaming addictions among children and the parents have a very important role to play in this regard. In many families it is seen that the working parents become busy with their own mobiles and laptops after returning from work and do not interact with the child much. This in turn makes the child to turn to those gadgets which are not at all recommended for their proper mental and physical growth.

    We learn everything from following and the child does the same. When the children find their parents less interactive and busy with different gadgets they follow the same and the botheration of the parents start. So parents and grandparents must spend as much time as possible with the child to clear all their doubts and encourage them to explore things in their own ways.


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    By giving quality time here means to be with the children and understand their needs even before they voluntarily disclose their need. As a parent we are with them since the birth and each moves of the child is very well known to us. So we should be graceful enough to get them the things done even before they ask, and that gives further close bonding with child and parents. Some times we can see a girl child behaving as a sister to her mother and that is nothing but close bonding and giving more understanding aspect between the two. If parents understand this, then the children wont drift away from our control.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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