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    How can we make children overcome this habit?

    Some children, below the age of eight, are often seen biting their nails. This is more of a mannerism and a regular habit in most of the children. No amount of pleading from parents can help.

    The children are very happy doing this on a regular basis. Very recently, I saw some three children do this in a marriage and their parents were constantly trying to tell them to stop doing so. They were not able to do it at all. The two boys and one girl were running around everywhere, but when seated on a chair, they were doing nothing but biting their nails.

    Why does this happen with some children? Are there some psychological reasons behind such behavior? One of the parents did ask me this question, answer to which, I do not know.
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    It is natural tendency of kids to bite their nails or suck their thumbs. The problem comes when it becomes a habit.

    In that case we have to divert the children to other toys and diversions and it takes time before they get rid of this habit.

    Once such habits are formed the kids will be doing it unknowingly and it becomes very embarrassing for the parents.

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    What I presume that it is a natural reaction of a child when they are in tense, thinking seriously of some issues and pondering over some mistakes. Normally we watch the fans of cricket while they are going through the match live, their excitement is expressed through nail biting. This reaction can be seen in children and also the elders. That means they are not able to control their emotions and they show through nail biting. Though their behavior does not harm anyone, but it is considered a bad behavior and parents should set right this at the beginning of small age, otherwise it continues.
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    Many parents face the issue of their children biting nails, and some of the parents themselves would be nail-chewers during their own childhood.

    Often this is not a major issue except in a small percentage of children wherein nail-biting is a sign of underlying stress or anxiety in the child.

    As the child grows-up some give up this habit but if it persists it becomes an embarrassment or cause for worry in the parents.

    The first reaction of any parent would be to scold or even punish the child. Unfortunately, this does not help the situation, it worsens it. What it needs is patience and get some tips from other parents or parenting websites.

    The simple things to do would be to gently trim the nails, more frequently, give the child a stick of carrot etc to chew(rather than the nail), develop of system of appreciating the child when he/she does not do it and also to ignore or express your displeasure when nail biting happens.

    It's easier said than done, if it keeps persisting then one can also seek the help of child counselors or psychologists who can guide the parents.

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    This is a common habit in many children. The children will have the habit of chewing their thumb. When this will have a nail slowly this will get converted into nail-biting. As they grow big they may stop doing this. Whenever they do this nail-biting parent should advise them not to do that and try to divert their attention to some other interesting issue. The parents should cut the nails of the children as and when they grow a little longer and trim them. But parents should never overreact to this and slowly they should see that they will overcome the issue by mentoring them.
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    The one reason could be of the fact that the children being small are not aware of or not being conscious of the social etiquettes &therefore not gentle in reminding themselves of the different or odd postures by them in front of others including their parents. Another reason could be the quality or state of being nervous or absent-minded or having or showing a forgetful or inattentive disposition. In the second scenario, the child may feel odd because of unfamiliar individuals around them & so in reaction they indulge in something which seem improper to the circumstances.

    I don't feel that these should be taken seriously but shouldn't get unattended as well. These are extremely natural & as the time passes these all gets replaced with some mature behavior. Even to some level we too had something which our parents had some concerns for but we might not having the reminders of those yet.

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