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    Damage to Panchavati Express

    The Indian Railways is making a serious attempt at modernization. The Mumbai to Manmad Panchavati Express, was introduced with great hope and expectations. The train had such superb features and what was shown on television was simply superb.

    Recent reports indicate that passengers have stolen many things from these trains. How can passengers be some irresponsible? How can we allow passengers to get away with the robbery?

    Why cant we put security personnel to keep a close watch and can we also install CCTV cameras so that we can catch the culprits and punish them?

    What be done, really?
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    Many crores were spent on upgrading this express train and it has been vandalized with a loss to the railways.
    The true fact, that some of us ignore is that our country has a huge population with a wide range of social awareness, attitude towards public property and civic sense.

    There are people with zero knowledge about accountability, respect for public services and take it on themselves to steal items that do not belong to them. There are also people who steal due to poverty and some just for the sake of it damage buses, parks, street lights etc.

    In short, the Indian authorities have to consider any upgrade or high-end public utility service with caution keeping in mind the people using it. If you can beef up security and have stringent rules, do it. If not, limit this to special A/C class coaches or reserved areas wherein people have to pay particular higher prices, this often acts as a deterrent to common vandals and also security is practically manageable.

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    This is very disturbing news. That means people cannot tolerate modernization and would create all sorts of hurdles by damaging and stealing the valuables. What I feel that every ticket is the reserved and has the details of the passengers. If the things are stolen and vandalized while in journey the respective passengers may be taken to task. If the things are stole at the yard, then the yard officers should be held responsible. By the way RPF must keep vigil on such coaches which has costly things as fittings. Unless and until the vigil increases such kind of things are going to happen.
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    This is not tolerable. In certain places, it is written "Treat this as your own property". People misinterpret this slogan. The slogan means that we should treat is as our own property in maintaining it. It is not that we should take it away with a feeling that it is our property to own permanently (of course it is a joke). While the railways could spent huge amount for the purpose, why not they install CCTV cameras to catch the culprits. And what the RPF was doing? Are they not the real authority to check the activities of the passengers?

    Railway should not spend a huge sum to modify the ordinary class coaches. It should be limited to the reserved classes only.

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    This is the problem in our country. Everybody wants everything as easily as possible. They will never feel bad for doing the wrong things. Many places we observe this. Even in normal railway coaches, people will tend to spoil the things. That is why in the toilets the steel jug will be tied with a metal chain so that no one will take away this. People should have concern for the public property. That belongingness and responsibility are missing. So the authorities should think before providing the facilities. Ask for more where the special things are provided. Then genuine people only who wants to pay extra for their comforts will come and use that facility. If the additional features are provided to all at normal cost, this type of incidents only will happen. The citizens should also understand the efforts of the government in providing us with good facilities while travelling and we should try to protect them so that these facilities will be extended to other classes and other trains also.
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