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    Removes the satisfaction part and the act becomes hollow!

    Here I come with another quote dialogued under the movie 'The Imitation Game'. The quote is related to the term violence and the world doesn't get enough of it, I guess. We all resort to violence in some of the other ways, if not physical, and we should not deny that it's too part of our evolutionary nature. Like many, I too criticise violence but like many, I too get the glimpse of it in me if not physical in nature. So why does it happen, maybe the quote can answer and I request the interpretations from the members all the same.
    Here the quote goes-' Do you know why people like violence? It is because it feels good. Humans find it deeply satisfying. But remove the satisfaction part and the act becomes ....hollow.'
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    When we want something and we can't get it, we may become impatient. Similarly, when we are not cared for by somebody we will feel unhappy. When we are not successful in our attempts we will be feeling very bad. All these things will give you a lot of dissatisfaction. We will be helpless and we can't do anything. Under such circumstances, we will have a deep feeling of doing something. That desire will turn into violence. Once we have that we will feel satisfied. If we have no wishes and feelings we will always be satisfied. Then there will not be any violence. The reason for violence is to change our dissatisfaction to satisfaction.
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    We are evolved from animals. Most of the animals had violent traits. We have inherited this trait from them - our grand grand ancestors.

    During the cultural development this trait of violence is subdued in some of the people but majority of us are having it in its full potential.

    During retaliation or fight these fists of violence come out in horrific proportions and obscure the thinking of our minds.

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    We are the part of violence in some mean or the other. Some may do physical violence, some may yell at others, some shout at big voice and some may simply show action and get away. But what is more interesting is the violence against others taken out as frustration. Only yesterday I have seen one small boy in the stands watching Dubai Asia Cup match in which Dhoni gone out for duck. The boy was seen in happy mood when Dhoni stepped in to the ground. As soon as he got out, the boy seen with uncontrollable weeping and further he yelled and banged his head to the chair repeatedly. This kind of showing anger and frustration is very dangerous.
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