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    What are the behavioral aspects behind unnecessary justifications? Are we afraid of something then?

    If you are not an expert in telling lies then you may possibly be surrounded by a lot of justifications in order to justify your actions which may have gone to some unexpected ways then what it should have been to. This is quite natural in all of us that we are predetermined of certain type of reactions. For instance, being late in office, we in an instant start blaming the traffic or some other reasons not letting this come upon us & this is without being asked by someone else. Do you feel that this happens with you too & if this remains the case then what could be the reasons or you may possibly be driven by some inner fear which you are not feeling ok with?
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    Actually we over estimate the other persons as to they would ask this and that and in fact many are having their problems and tasks and wont give credence to others. Even if you are late for a day or two, the management also wont take note of it. But if that makes the regular affair , then the management has the right ask for explanation and in that case we cannot say something out of contest. Telling truth is the best way to prove yourself, otherwise now a days there are ways and means to verify what you have said and then you should not put a sorry figure in front of the management.
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    In our profession, we should always justify all our actions. Once in a while, if we say it is a mistake management may here. But every time if we say we are sorry, we will be shown the door. It is very likely in private organisations. So in an attempt to defend our actions, we may have to tell some lies. But always we can't say lies and justify our actions.
    I know many people manage the bosses by telling lies. I know people who say many reasons which are not true for the failure.
    I am also not an exemption for this. Sometimes I was also telling lies to manage the show. When I have to manage a lot of workforces and attain the required output sometimes I was telling lies to the people for the time being and managing the show.

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    What I feel, unnecessary justifications are a way out to save yourself instantly from unwanted situations. The example in the thread that has the mention of caught in a traffic jam to justify coming late to the office is a common way to hide someones wrong sense of timeliness.

    There may be some other factors contributing to this late or it may be absolutely intentional, but mostly we are anxious to face the higher authorities in office or to persons whom we are liable to explanations when we are at fault. Being late or doing something by mistake is not going to harm our reputation if it is done once in a while, but if it becomes regular then telling lies or trying to justify those actions do not work. Unnecessary justifications are a temporary way to manage the show which cannot work in the long run.


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    Unnecessary justifications are generally the outcome of a feeling of guilt. You try to justify yourself even without someone asking for it because you realize that the mistake, particularly if it is something that could have been avoided, is on your part. It cannot be equated with fear of someone or a reaction. Though it is fine to justify yourself, one must be careful because giving a justification without being asked for it may boomerang and cause a negative effect instead of a positive one that you may be expecting. In addition to this, one tends to give justifications without being asked for if you anticipate a likelihood of being questioned.
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