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    How smart you are in telling lies & not getting caught?

    Well, don't say that you are an honest person & hate telling lies of whatsoever kind because this seems not possible. Even if you admit that you like someone then in a true sense you can't be 100% right in your admission. This is simply because we are living in a very professional environment wherein everything dealt with in diplomatic ways rather than being straight forward. For an instance, someone might approach you for some job or for some money but each time it's not possible for you to continue with the same attitude & you are then bound to give away with the excuses of which the other person may well be aware of but at the same time smart enough to hide his emotions. Well it's no one's fault but then what's your perception onto this?
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    For that matter telling lies is bound to happen as per the situation demands and not every one would thrive on lie. And if we say one lie, we have to say several other lies to safe guard the first lie. So better to say the truth and that ends the matter. By the way telling lies is not the diplomatic way to escape from others demand or their expectations of some thing from us. And if we like some one, it is because of many factors. It may be thinking process in same line, understanding each other in broader way and know the exact needs of other in just a nod. Such type of understanding is rare too.
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    Why would you want to lie to someone who approaches you for a job or money? What stops you from telling the truth? If you cannot help them, say so, and if you cannot lend them money, tell them.

    I think it is shallow of people to lie, instead of coming out with the truth. And they do it to maintain their image. They show that they are tied because of circumstances and fabricate reasons for their inability to help. They just want to maintain their cloying sweetness.

    Someone had been approaching me for money, with the promise of repaying it. I lent them money three times, and these were not petty amounts. When they approached me for the fourth time I told them, I was sorry, and that I could not lend anymore. No excuses, just the honest truth. I had made up my mind that I wasn't going to lend any more, and I didn't think it was appropriate to build a yarn, for why I couldn't do it. I didn't think it was necessary.

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    If you are aware of the interior motive of the person approaching for money even though for a paltry amount on the pretext that the same would be returned shortly. Though the meaning of shortly is itself a vague term and sometimes that term never ends and in the meanwhile a second request from the same person may follow. To say - NO becomes very difficult sometimes thinking that it may hurt the man concerned asking for a borrow. But our flat denial in the second time has been taken considering his lapses for the the return of the borrowed money. A firm NO this time should give a positive signal to the man concerned regarding my attitude and probably in the next time, he would be the last man to be seen for money - obligation.

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    People generally tell lies to hide their faults or to show off what they are not. This gradually becomes a habit and then they go on doing it perfectly.

    Some people are immediately caught up with their lies while others make it to appear normal and truth like.

    Still, making lies is not a good proposition as it affects the reputation of a person in long run. However smart a person may be his lies are caught sooner or later.

    Some people argue that this world is a place where you can not survive if you do not practice the art of lieing. It may look a impressive teaching in today's atmosphere but is not a healthy option for a meaningful life.

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    I am not King Harichandra, to be with the Truth.

    If my lie would harm or hurt someone physically, I won't lie. And if my lie can help someone, I won't hesitate to lie.

    As far as money concerned, if I don't want to give, I will not give them. I won't say,"Sorry, I don't have money'. I would say," Sorry, I can't help you." Before lending, I will also analyse the state and condition of that person demanding money. I might lose my money once from that person, but not the second time.

    Two years back, one of my cousin who was in hospital needed some sum to buy medicines. His son promised me that he would deposit the sum in my bank account on the very next day. I obliged and helped them with cash. Days passed; weeks passed; months passed; and a year passed. There was no sign of getting my money back. Till date I am yet to get back my hard earned money. I wrote the sum in my Gandhi's account.

    Few months back, the same cousin's wife who is also my very close relative, approached me for some loan (triple the amount I lost), promising that she would return it after a week. I did not say anything, but opened my purse, showed her the amount held in my purse. And I said,"This is what I have with me, and I have to pull on till the month end with this cash." Then I indirectly hinted her that people know how to take loan from me and they don't know how to return it. This is what I experienced in my life. She did not say anything, but walked out simply.

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    Our experiences & expectations could be different but one thing is for sure that we don't want to be the loser & at least not for the repetitive times. I agree with the members that any of us are not intentionally motivated or inspired to opt for the not so desired paths but experiences is what made us to do so but after all this is what relevance of maturity means to us.

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    These days nobody is speaking always 100% truth. As per the requirement and the conditions, people will tell some lies. Even in Puranas, there was a mention that in certain situations telling lie is not a sin. When somebody is approaching us for some help, if we feel we can help them we should say we will do it. Otherwise, we can say that we can't do it. Instead of telling directly some people will say we will look into it. This will give some hope to the other party.
    But always telling lies without proper reason and for unnecessary issues is not a desirable quality. I was also telling some lies in my professional life. This is not with any vested interest but to keep the matters of the company confidential.

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