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    Difference between what one says and what one does

    When Pakistan new Prime Minister Imran Khan took over the position he ordered simple living and wont allow to spend on his movements and security as part of his government's austerity measure. But yesterday he was criticized for hiring a special air craft to Dubai to watch the Asia Cup. On the other hand our Prime Minister who was to attend a event at Dwarka in Delhi has taken the Metro train to reach the destination and thus the PM Narender Modi has saved time, petrol and also not given hindrance to traffic which were usually held up when VIP's move. This is the difference between what one says and what one does.
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    A nice comparison by the author. We should never take a person for what he talks. A person is judged by what he does and sets example for others.

    It is a great thing that our PM is showing his worth by doing adorable things and setting an example for all the other dignitaries in Govt. as well as for all of us.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The meaning of the words uttered by these politicians is always different. What they do is always different from what they say. We find very few people who preach what they follow. There is nothing new in this.
    KCR promised the voters of Telangana that a Dalit will become the CM if TRS comes to power. But after elections, he had become the CM. He promised Sonia Gandhi that he will merge TRS with Congress once Telangana is formed. But later on, he ditched her. Like this, we can give many examples. Even our PM also promised Special Status to Andhra Pradesh in his campaign before elections. But after that what happened, we all know.
    But our PM is better in many aspects than many of the other politicians. Even Babu travelled in the metro when he had been to Delhi. All these are for a difference sometimes in between but not a regular practice.

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    A nice thread by the author to describe how politicians behave. We are habituated to see this particular trait in our politicians and many people in reality do follow this. The words are used to gain popularity but the actions are a part of habit. We know the humble background of Prime Minister Modi and he found nothing unusual by travelling in a Metro.

    But the case of Mr. Imran Khan is quite different. Quite often it is seen that people become arrogant after becoming famous or rich and they loose touch with the ground reality. This is happening in most sections of the society and that's why the actions do not match with the words they say.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    The notable difference one should not fail to notice is that the elections are over in Pakistan while the same is due in India. It is all about political drama and one need not give much credence to such acts.
    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    #648833 / Saji, So finally we came to the conclusion that for PM Modi traveling in Delhi Metro to reach Dwarka is all about "political drama". I don't know for other members but I am in agreement with this view but I don't find any other leader or politicians who are big and reliable enough to be compared with him. In addition, I would like to thank the author for this thread and letting us know of this.

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    In addition to my above comment(#648845), I would like to add that once the Prime Minister Imran Khan had admitted that he got his inspirations from Arvind Kejriwal & I posted a thread in order to inform the members of this good news. Soon we would be evident of the fact in Pakistan too as we have been evident of the facts in Delhi in context to the efficient administration & policy implementation by the respective governments. So Cheers!

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