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    What was the need for Rama of Ramayana to go far away from home to spend his days in exile?

    What was the need for Rama of Ramayana to go far away from home to spend his days in exile?

    If I am not wrong, Nasik, erstwhile Panchavati, is the place where Rama, sita and Lakhshmana resided in a hut, and the place from where Sita was abducted by Ravana, the King of Lanka. The distance between Ayodhya and Panchavati(Nasik) is about 1344 kms. The distance from Srilanka to Panchavati is about 1700 kms.

    Should Rama, Sita and Lakshmana walk such a distance to spend their days in exile for 14 years? And how could Surpanaka from Srilanka crossed 1700 kms to reach Panchavati to see Sita's beauty and Lakshmana's beauty to get attracted.

    Unlike Ravana, Rama did not have any flight to travel.

    How do you believe the epic Ramayana? Is it not a story written by Valmiki with his power of imagination?

    Though we have faith in Ramayana, we can discuss such things interestingly, without hurting anyone's feeling.
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    There are two facts which has to be known for Lord Rama having chosen far off place to live in exile. That Kaikeyi has sought the boon from Dasaratha that Rama should leave Ayodhya at once without any jewels and he should spend 14 years in forest. And for Ram he surely knows that Bharath, his brother who was not there when Ram left Ayodhya has the tendency to look out for him and he does the same and pleads for Ram to return. So on knowing that he would further disturb him, Ram gave his Paduka to which Bharath agreed and therefore Ram forced to leave far off not knowing to anyone.
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    There are many things in mythology which do not fit in the realm of science or modern understanding of the things.

    People have different interpretation and explanation of mythological tales.

    We do not know whether the Lanka as described in the Ramayan is same as today's Srilanka. It could be a place nearby with the same name and a big river or lake in between. As the technology was primitive at that time, tribal efforts were got mobilised by Rama to cross the jungles and lakes or rivers to reach the place of war.

    The mythology speaks the death of Ravana as destined in the hands of Rama and to that effect the story was unfolding in the mind of the writer who heard out this only from his forefathers.

    In such cases the transcript available to us versus the actual happenings will have variance.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Rama was asked to spend 14 years in the forest by Kaikei. So he has gone to the forest. He wanted to meet various Saints who are spending their lives in the various places of the forests. He has not stayed in only one place for all the 14 years. Panchavati has become very famous as Sita was abducted from that places. We know our forefathers were travelling to Varanasi from South India. Those days there were no cars, trains, helicopters. They are were going by walk only. Those days somebody is going to Varanasi means, it was believed that they may not come back. Like the same Rama was travelling on the walk and halting at some place, taking rest for sometime and then again proceeding. No necessity for aeroplanes.
    The incarnation of Rama was for killing Ravana only. That is why all these episodes have taken place. If Kaikei was not asked for Rama's exile, there was no chance for Sita's abduction. Then there is no chance for the quarrel between Rama and Ravana.

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