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    Going to the abode of Vaishno Devi

    I am going to Jammu with some of my family members on 22nd of this month. A group of 10 members from our family are going together. We are planning to visit Jammu, Katra and Amritsar. We will visit some other places nearby and planning to return back by 30th September 2018.
    I request the members of ISC to advise me if they know any good places worth seeing around these places so that we will visit those places also. Also, request the knowledgeable members about the precautions to be taken during the visit. During this period I may not be active on ISC.
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    Best wishes to you and your family members for embarking on the long tour to the ultimate desination of Matha Vaishnavadevi and the thought itself would bring you great strength and every thing would happen as per schedule. Because visiting the darbar of Vaishnavadevi is not that easy and a call must come from her. As you are going on long distance pilgrimage, make provisions for emergency eating materials as the nature sometimes goes against the wish and held up on the way could be possible. By the way it is raining and if you are going by car or even through travel guide the driver with safety travel norms and be slow on driving.
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    Lakhs of people visit Vyshanvidevi every season and there are good facilities on the way to temple. One can rest and proceed further.

    For those who are not habitual in climbing up the hill it will be a bit exerting but by dividing the journey in parts and taking adequate rest it is possible to reach the top comfortably.

    One has to keep the essentials like basic medicines, protecting creams and travel kit during such journeys as sudden rains or storms sometimes create problems to continue the trail.

    Now a days helicopter service is also there from base to the temple. One can avail it also.

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    It is nice to learn that you are undertaking a pilgrimage to the abode of Mata Vaishno Devi. May her blessings be with you. Hope these travel tips and the narration of a travel experience will be of some help to you. Take care and enjoy!
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    I have been to all the places that you are going and I must say you are going to have a delightful experience on your trip. To reach the abode of Mata Vaishno Devi you can either opt for a helicopter ride, ponies, palkhi or walk all the way. Preference is yours. Amritsar, on the other hand, is a paradise for food lovers. I have been to so many places but Amritsar is way ahead of each one of them. On your visit to Golden temple, do not forget to take auto rickshaws and ask them to take you to Kesar da Dhaba. You should not miss the opportunity. It should be number 1 spot on your priority list in case you are a foodie. Do enjoy roadside food and indulge in shopping as there is so much to eat and shop.

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    Thanks for all your best wishes and suggestions. I have gone through the articles mentioned by the lead editor and they are useful. I will definitely try to visit the food places mentioned by Reena.
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    Dr. Rao,

    My sisters have visited Amritsar and been to the Golden Temple. You can avail of the free bus service available from the airport as well as from the railway station to go to the Golden Temple. Ideally, you should go in the late evening after sunset to see it lighted up. It is really stunning. It is suggested to hire autos for a few hours if you are going to be for a good while in the city and request the drivers to wait while you visit the temple and roam around the local market near it. Please ensure that your group respects traditions and everyone covers their head before entry. In case somebody does not have a suitable head cover (such as a dupatta or handkerchief), head scarves can be bought. Footwear can be left at a counter set up for it before entry.

    Don't forget to submit articles on your return of your trip to all the places and put in photos too! Have a good trip.

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    May God bless you and be with you throughout your visit to the north.
    As I am not much familiar with the important places of North India, I won't be able to suggest you anything. However, you should visit the following places that I visited once.

    Golden Temple
    Jallianwala Bagh
    Waga Border.

    On your return, don't forget to write an article for the benefit of ISCians.

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    Thank you ME and Sun for your kind suggestions and guidance. I will try to Visit the plays suggested by you.
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    I went to Vaishno Devi temple sometime in the late eighties. There will be many changes by now. At the time of my going to Vaishno Devi Shrine, there was no proper road. The walk is 14 kilometers. It is preferable to start the walk at around 8.00 PM. For elders, it will take nearly 4 to 6 hours to reach the shrine from Katra. With many devotees either climbing up or coming down, it will not be a lonely walk. The pilgrims will be chanting " Pyaar se bolo Mataji, Jor se bolo Mataji, Jai Jai bolo Mataji" it will be exhilarating and unknowingly we also join the chanting. This will help us in completing the walk up and down without much strain. Try to take a bath in the chilled water coming from open pipes near the shrine before entering the shrine. This will energize the body and the soul. We have to bend and walk a few steps to enter the Mataji Sannidhi. This walk will be in chilled water of about 6 to 10 inches depth. This will relieve all our pains.
    Do not forget to take the walking stick and canvas shoes which are available at the foot of the hill on hire. The walking stick is very essential while climbing up and coming down as it takes most of our weight. Since you are going in a group, you might have fixed your programme and might have made all the necessary reservations. Stick to it as any deviations may spoil your programme unless you have sufficient spare time on your hands.
    Wish you and all your other members of the group a happy pilgrimage. May Mataji bless all of you with a happy and peaceful darshan.

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    Leave Amritsar at around 1 p.m. for Wagah Border after lunch. Taxis leave at a distance and do not take you all the way to border. You need to walk a little to reach the border. Also, if you reach early you will be able to grab seats. The programme starts at around 5 p.m. Thus, reach early and witness the parade of jawans by grabbing suitable seats. Since you will be leaving tomorrow, I would like to wish you a very happy journey. Pray on behalf of everyone here in ISC when you visit Vaishno Devi shrine and Golden Temple.

    When you visit 'Kesar da Dhaba', do not miss out on palak paneer. It is the best. You will never ever find a dish like that. Everything on their menu is good. Order as per your preference.

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    And the author must take images of greater places he is visiting and share the same in our photo section or Indian information section so that it will be record and guide to all.
    K Mohan
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    As told by Reena, Wagah Border is a place worth visiting around Amritsar. It is around 30 KMs form Amritsar and it takes around 45-50 mins by a car. If one wants a seat with a good view, one must reach Wagah Border by 3 PM. Watching the beating retreat is like once-in-a-life-time thing. The ceremony includes the closing of the international border and lowering the flags of both India and Pakistan. Last time I visited Wagah was in 2005 and I still cherish the memories of the Wagah Border.
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    I must appreciate your stand and while going to Wagah - boarder, make up your mind to visit Amritsar - temple as well. Enjoy the scene and scenarios in the night when the reflection of the dazzling - light in the water makes the scene magnificent. You may enjoy the the foods being provided in the complex. The overhaul arrangement of distribution of foods, cleaning of plates and the involvement of ladies, gents of different ages in making the different recipes make your presence memorable. Credit goes to the selfless people engaged in generous donation of different food - grains and other essential items to cater to the needs of 1.5 lakhs of people participating in the grand feast organised in the Amritsar - complex.

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    In Amritsar, you may visit Akal Takht, Harmandir Sahib, Jalianwala Bagh and Durgiana Temple. You can purchase authentic Panjabi dress material and Ghee at the market on the way to Deep Singh Bhawan and Gurdwara (behind the Golden Temple complex). Unfortunately, I have forgotten the name of the market. Of course, Wagah border is a must.

    Near Katra, you may visit Patni Top, Batote, Kut and Jhajhar Kotli, if time permits. All these are hill resorts near Katra, being developed by Jammu Administration and Mata Vaishno Devi Board.

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