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    Do we inherit cautiousness or is it developed by practice?

    Being cautious is always good. It saves you from unwanted situations, it helps you to avoid mishaps and is a quality that is found among very few these days. Now how you are going to define cautiousness is something I find very interesting. Suppose a person has the habit of using abusive languages while talking to others, now, to him using the language cautiously while talking in important discussions or office meeting is very crucial and he needs to practice. It becomes difficult for him to manage at times and he uses one or two such words at critical situations. For others, who do not have this bad habit, this cautiousness is not required. The same thing is applied in case of wearing helmets or seat belts and those who are not habituated to using them become cautious after seeing the traffic sergeant from a distance. Do you think that cautiousness is developed by continuous practice or we inherit cautiousness?
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    Being cautious is the great art to which not every one is not habituated and they are caught in the wrong foot and even chided for the bad behavior. Loosing control our language while having tiff with others is common, but some people have the habit of saying bad words in their usual flow of talking and that is not liked by many. Abusive languages are used as frustration but that should not be continued with all and every where. And if we are with the peer group, such low thought of using abusing language does not arise. That is why we should be in the company of good people.
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    Cautiousness is a great attribute in our life and many of us possess it.

    In fact, it comes with experience. Sometimes people fail in their mission and sometimes are cheated and that provides the lessons learnt for future and that is how cautiousness is generated.

    It is good to be cautious and it is well said that prevention is better than cure.

    Those who are cautious will have lesser chances of failures.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Cautiousness is not inherited, it comes as a matter of experience as Umesh has rightly said. Heard the proverb 'A scalded cat fears hot water'? We too learn to be cautious about what we speak or do through experiences, our own or of others. Cautiousness comes in when we realize and understand the implications of our words or actions. I think it comes naturally and does not need any particular practice as such.

    A person may be habituated to using abusive words in the normal course of conversation but he will take care not to say such words while speaking to his parents or elders; being cautious in such situations is basically, I feel, an instinct. Then there are areas where we become cautious due to the inherent dangers involved; like wearing a helmet or seat belt, not going into deep waters if you don't know how to swim, not touching a hot utensil with bare hands and so on are just a few examples.

    Cautiousness is a characteristic that is the result of being prudent and practical as to what one should say or do. There may be exceptions and we might get to see people who do not bother much about being cautious and such people might brand those who are cautious as being afraid. But it is always better to be on the safer side and so being cautious is a positive characteristic.

    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    I feel being cautious is a self-practiced trait. It will not be inherited, I think. The people who understand the implications of the unwanted incidents will always be cautious about their behaviour. People who care for their well being will be cautious. This nature will come from the way they have brought up also. If the father drives the vehicle without a helmet, the son also may follow the same method. If the father follows all the safety rules while driving, the son will also observe the same and start practising the same. But these days because of the fastness in the life, many people are not understanding the problems and they are paying the penalty. Prevention is better than cure always. Suffering because of unsafe actions and worrying afterwards is never advisable. The age is another factor which plays an important role in this aspect.
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