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    Dream achieved : Crossed 2,00,000 points

    Yes the long pending dream of mine has been achieved this morning when I crossed the 2 lakh grand total points and now lead with 2,00,019 as of now. That was are really long journey to chase the total of big contributors and surpassing one after other. Though in real meaning it matters nothing , but a self satisfaction of some thing achieved big always gives further impetus to surge ahead. And most of these points came through the forum and I am thankful to all those members who revert back with their best responses to my threads and that made my big conquer here.
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    Congrats and keep it up. It is said that slowly and steadily wins the race.

    It is your sustained and persistent efforts that you have crossed this milestone.

    Many of us are able to garner points in the range 8000-10000 in a year. With that speed it will take about 20 years to reach your level. It clear shows your bigger contributions in ISC.

    Anyway, a great achievement and all the best for your future endeavours.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Congratulations Mohan! Let not this achievement slow you down. Hope you will aim higher and embark on a mission to set a target that would be difficult for someone to surpass in the near future.
    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    I congratulate you on your achievement. I know the hard work that you have put in has dearly helped you reach where you are right now. Love your consistency and activeness in forums and various other segments. Hope and wish to see you reach many more such milestones in the coming future.

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    Hearty congrats Mr. Mohan. You are a great personality of ISC. Your chief aim is to score points, and you achieved it by being regular at ISC. No one can match you at ISC. Though you are very regular in forum, you are not seen in ISC contests. Would be nice to see you participating in ISC contests.

    Well done. Keep it up. Keep surging ahead.

    No life without Sun

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    Congratulations K Mohan on fulfilling your dream and achieving your goal. While I am not chasing any points' goal, I hope to make a steady progress to achieve all of my own goals, too!
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Great! You have crossed 2,00,000 points and really big feet. My hearty congratulations to you for the accomplishment. You are an inspiration to many other members on ISC and you are the senior most superstar in the forum section. I hope you will continue your journey with the same enthusiasm and vigour. I wish you all the best and a long journey on this Indiastudychannel and we will see that you will cross 3,00,000 points milestone also at the earliest possible time.
    always confident

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    Hearty congratulations to K Mohan sir for achieving your goal of reaching 2,00,000 points.

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    Well done Mohan. Hearty congratulations to you!

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    Wow! What a humongous achievement. It is sure a dream come true for you Mohan. May you continue to perform with the same vigour and passion. There is much to learn from your consistent performance.
    Patience and perseverance pays

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    Congrutulations on attaining 2,00000 points and this has been possible with your sustained effort and probably you had some target to be achieved regularly and with your regular involvement, you were able to cross this unbelievable points.
    Hope, we would see the same level of consistency even in the coming time and you will scale up to a greater height.

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    Well done sir, Congratulations for achieving this milestone and wishing you to move up further at ISC. It would take a long time with commitment and dedication for someone to catch up with you.

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    Congratulations Mohan Sir. It's indeed a great achievement to score so many points and I hope this will boost your performance even more. Keep up the good work with regular contribution and I wish you all the best to cross more milestones with your sustained effort.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Congratulations Mohan sir on this great achievement. It is not easy for anyone to reach 2,00,000 points. It shows continuous dedication and hard work towards contributing in this site. This is a great inspiration as well for other members. Wish you good luck to reach 3,00,000 points.

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    Mr. Mohan, Congratulations! Your scoreboard is the testimony of your diligence and perseverance.
    Come as you are!

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