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    Maintenance of Bus stations

    Even a very small town like Chittoor in AP, has a fairly big bus station. The station is maintained quite neatly. Am also told that in other parts of the State, the bus stations are maintained so well.

    Ditto for Karnataka. In every major city, I have always observed that even the rest rooms are very clean. The private buses that ply between Bangalore and Mumbai, do stop at many places. Each of these motels have rest rooms that are maintained so well.

    However, Koyembedu, the huge bus station in Chennai, which is supposed to be the largest in Asia, is so shabby. The private party is doing its best, but the people are totally irresponsible,

    One finds litter everywhere. The situation is the same everywhere. Should be start right from the school and college levels to educate people? How about imposing fines on anybody spitting in public places? Should we have volunteers enrolled to police people and impose fines?

    For instance, some senior citizens and unemployed youth could be paid a very small salary and part of the fines collected everyday. They would do a good job. They should be empowered to collect spot fines starting from just Rs.30/-. Once this discipline is imposed, the bus stations will become more clean.

    The basic salary can be paid by some Corporate, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility activities. What do members have to say on this? Such fines should be or can imposed in every major city.
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    I agree that the Bus stations in Tamilnadu are filthy than the other states. I am in Bengaluru to see a well maintained Majestic Bus Station. Yet there are problems. In the comfort stations where it is mentioned "Latrine Rs. 5/- and Urine Free" they try to charge Rs. 3/- for Urine. They have scored off the words Urine Free, and wrote 'Urine not Free" with a chalk. The underpass connecting the City Railway station and Majestic Bus station walls are filled with spitting with pan marks.

    Firstly, Government should provide free comfort stations in each and every bus station. It should be maintained by the City Corporation or the Municipality, not by any contractor. It should be free of cost. The maintenance cost (say 50 paise) can be included in the bus fares which will not be felt by the passengers.

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    Here the problem is the mentality of the people. If the government is providing restrooms free. they will not be maintained neatly. People will use the toilets and never put water correctly. Even the government appoint some staff to clean that, those employees will never clean them. That is why always pay and use toilets maintained by private parties will be a better option.
    In Tamilnadu, what I have observed is the majority of the people will be having the habit of having pan many times. While chewing that they will spit all the places making the place dirty. The public should be aware of cleanliness and they have to use the dustbins and spitoons provided properly. Then only the public places can be maintained neat and clean. Otherwise, it is difficult.
    In AP the RTC buses are also maintained well and bus stations are also neat compared to other places.

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    Maintaining public places like Bus stand etc requires a good cooperation between the maintenance agency and the public using the place. Govt can give the funds but the agency which manages it is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance.

    Sometimes the agency does not function properly and the Govt authority monitoring it does not take it seriously and it eventually results in the negligence by the operator.

    In all cases public suffers the inconvenience and operator cleverly tells that public is not cooperating and making the place filthy.

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    Maintaining public places especially the bus stations is the huge task for which separate staff has to be maintained. If Tamil Nadu government cannot maintain the staff for the cleanliness of Koyambedu Interstate Bus station, it must hand over the same to the private parties, who would charge for the cleanness, parking and for keeping the luggage for hire. Having so much influx of passengers from almost all the places of South, Koyambedu is always busy with private and government buses and amount of garbage is also more. So my suggestion holds good and that should be implemented.
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    Any public places like bus/rail stations,cinema halls,public roads we expect cleanliness and that too the government should upkeep the same by simply forgetting our part is also getting involved. We should use dust bins to a maximum, we should not spit on roads. We should not throw wastes like bottles etc., on road which blocks the gutter /drainage ways and leads to water stagnation on roads. Government can do an extent but we should cooperate for such maintenance. A biggest koyambedu bus stand we can see water bottles,liquor bottles,water/juice packets on the roadside. Who put all the things?Government or government officials?

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