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    One more October 2 will simply go away!!

    Every year, on the 2nd of October, we can see some pious statements being made by our politicians. Some will recall the great sacrifice made by the tallest of all leaders, of all times, Mahatma Gandhi.

    Not even one percent of what he preached is being followed. His concept of trusteeship is almost absent. If it had been implemented properly, India would have progressed far better.

    Mahatma Gandhi was such a great leader. He was known internationally as one who saw, very correctly, the pitfalls of Greed, as opposed to Need. Even the trade war between the USA and Chins, is based on greed and greed only.

    One more holiday, and distribution of sweets and the day will be gone. How can we at least do something. In Tamil Nadu, we also remember another great leader in the Mahatma Gandhi mold -- the tallest leader of Tamil Nadu, Mr K. Kamaraj, the former Chief Minister, who lived such a simple life.

    How can we do something to remember such leaders who stand tall for all good values?
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    True. The day will just pass away as usual. As a Tamil, I will hail the birthday of our Father of the Nation MahatmaGandhi, and pay homage to Mr. K Kamaraj (Perunthalaivar) who departed from this earth on the same day. A great Indian politician who was not behind power or money, but behind the welfare of the public and the nation. A selfless politician who died during sleep without any pain or suffering. When he died, he had only Rs. 136, two pairs of sandals, four dhotis and four shirts. A true national leader who lives in the hearts of Indians, especially the Tamilians.

    Let us pay homage to Mr. Kamaraj on this day of Gandhi Jayanthi. Have a 2 minute silent prayer.

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    Rather than keep comparing with what others are doing or what others needs to do, just begin the job from ourselves. Let's start with what we have done today & what we have planned for the coming days. Let's start with some initiatives & spread it to others. This is what the minimum which we can perform & improve the situation around us because the blame game or looking at others as a first initiative is never going to serve the purpose but would rather make the whole system complicated & unsettling with more issues & problems having attached to it.

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    Ved Prakash Anand,
    I think, you have any respect for the elders like Mahatma Gandhi and Kamaraj who were supreme national leaders. While Mahatma Gandhi fought and got freedom for India in which you and I are enjoying our life as a free citizen of India, Karma veer Kamaraj remained as a bachelor and selfless leader with no education, thought of education to all by starting Midday meal scheme.

    At lease, spare a minute(1/1440) to think about the great leaders of the past and salute them for their good deeds.

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    Let us not forget another great leader who born on the same date, that is October 2nd. He is none other than our Ex-Prime Minister Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri. A simple man with a down to earth attitude. His role in winning the war with Pakistan during his tenure will never be forgotten. A man of ethics and values. He never earned money for his comforts and I understand he didn't have an own house in his lifetime. These days we don't see any such leaders who work for the country without thinking about their family. We should follow such people's lifestyle and become an example for the future generation.
    Every year 2nd October will come. All will get a holiday. Many people enjoy the day with a glass of drink. That is the irony in India. The government should order for closure of wine shops and bars at least on that day as a mark of respect to the great leader. Mahatma Gandhi.

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    The wine shops and bars will be closed on the day of Gandhi Jayanti. It is in practice from the past many years.
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    Who said that 2nd October would go waste. Yes we do remember the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi on that day by paying great floral tributes and hailing his contributions to the freedom struggle. For the past four years Modi government has been undertaking Swachh Bharath Abyhiyan and that was started on this day four years back. So in the name of total cleanliness across the country under one more program Swacch Pagwara there by prizes are slated to be given to the best clean civic town, cities and metros. Therefore we are remembering Mahatma Gandhi through his dream of cleanliness.
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