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    How can we revive the old family magic, at least to some extent?

    Not so long ago -- that is , three decades ago -- life in India was far more uncomplicated. People did have time for the others. The family, as a unit was the attention of even research scholars from abroad.

    Even today, there are families where the magic of happiness, of caring and sharing is seen in total. There is unconditional love and affection. There is so much understanding between families, even if all the four brothers stay in the same apartment complex in the cities.

    However, such families are very rare indeed. There is so much of commercialization of relationships.

    What can be done to revive the old magic, at least to some extent? Shall we have a situation where cousin brothers will not meet each other, at least once in ten years? This is the norm now. Will this become even more pronounced and if yes, how can we reverse the trend?
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    We are five brothers and we all stay in different cities. But we maintain regular contacts and we make a point that we should all meet at least two times in a year at our native place for six days and spend time with our parents. Any small function also we all will assemble and celebrate. Recently we celebrated the Sahasra Chandra Darshana Function to our father in a good way. So we have not lost the taste of the combined family.
    Myself and my two married sons are staying together in our independent house in Hyderabad and ours is a combined family only.
    It is not very difficult to have a combined family. One should have the desire and an adjustable mentality. Another issue is we should not get involved in the affairs of ladies. Then there will not be any problem in having a combined family.

    always confident

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    While the suggestion seems to be real and importance but for many reasons brothers of one family cannot stay at one place together. That all may not have the work or job at one place. Some have postings nearby , some have jobs very far off. But there are every possibility that each member of the family has contact with each other on daily basis at least through social media. But there are families in Hyderabad and I know one famous jeweller in Secunderabad who lives as Joint family in single building and the dining table itself is such big that 50 persons can have the lunch at a time. And they do eat together and that is really exciting thing to watch.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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