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    Who gets the revenue for the click on Ads?

    While at ISC, especially in forums index page, I see many attractive Ads. And I click them with interest.

    I understand that we cannot make self click over the ads placed on our own articles, forum messages and AE questions(anything of our own). If others click on ads placed in our articles, we get the share of it from Google Adsense Revenue.

    Now my doubt is - Who is benefitted by my click on Ads placed on the forum/Article/AE index page or any other common pages?
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    This query has been asked many times, but for the benefit of new members and those of you like the author are still unaware, I am answering the query based on my knowledge -
    1. The revenue generated from ad clicks for the article section is shared between the article author and the admin.

    2. In the Ask Expert section, it works this way: Those who answer the question also get a share along with the person who posted the question and the admin. In case the members who answer do not have AdSense, then the percentage of the revenue share is greater for the thread's author and the admin.

    3. In the forum, too, the revenue is shared. Refer: How AdSense revenue sharing works in the forum and also refer to Tony Sir's response in this old thread.

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    Madam Vandana,
    You did not understand my message properly. Your both references(from you and Tony) speaks about the forum posts and responses in it, and the adsense share of it. Whereas my question is about the common pages(I repeat common pages) where no member is involved, viz the forum/AE/Article index pages or any ISC instruction pages. These pages are of ISC, and not of any member. Hence, the revenue earned will be shared by ISC Admin only. Hope I am correct.

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    I stand corrected. I misunderstood the query. Yes, revenue from the pages where the categories appear, as well as pages like those of the Help Topics where no member is putting anything, go to the admin.
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    For many of us who were not aware of this will prove out to be the important information in context to the postings & sharing of revenues out of it. I thank both the author as well as the Vandana Madam for her response which has undoubtedly satisfied the query.

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    Technically ISC Admin Google publisher ID and Author publisher ID rotates and hence revenue distributed on the basis of clicks. But if Author id id not available, by default ISC Admin Google PUB ID should get impressions and clicks of adsense. And hence revenue.

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