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    How to attach power point slide to articles

    I need to know how to attach power point slide to the article. I tried to attach the slide, it's not opening in the article. Kindly help me in this, how to attach slide in edit mode.
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    Convert that slide into jpeg or other image format if you want. I am sure you can drop slides in articles. I found a slide that was in Jpeg format. Here I am attaching it.
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    Hey Jenny, You can convert each and every powerpoint slide to jpeg image. You can do so by clicking your powerpoint link and save it as jpeg format(in saveas option) or easy way is to take screenshot of the image and crop it in mspaint and save it. Now your jpeg is ready to attach to your article.

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    I put your query to Tony Sir. He said that both power points and .jpg files should work as attachments, but he suggests to avoid a large powerpoint file since it will overload the site's servers. Maybe you were trying to upload a huge file? Unless the power point can really add value and is unavoidable, you could upload a small PPT file. It would be better, though, to upload .jpg files.

    I also think it would be possible to upload PPF file on YouTube and then share the YouTube video via embed feature, placing that in your article. There, too, it could be a short video and not too heavy or over-lengthy.

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