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    Can the word ‘snake’ be used as a verb?

    Have you ever used the word "Snake" as a verb?

    I just came across this question in a platform and realized that I never used this word as a verb in any context and hardly remember anyone using it as well.

    What is the opinion about this usage here in ISC? I am not sure about this usage but this is one of the examples that was cited-

    'There was a long queue to get in. It snaked around the stadium.'
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    The State Highway snaked its way to Bolpur.
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    The dictionary supports the word 'Snake' as a verb (Snakes -snaking - snaked) Move with the twisting motion of a snake.
    My e.g. The train snaked as there were many curves on the rails. The queue in the temple was snaking.

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    Yes the word can snake can be used as verb depending on the demand of the sentence. For example the audience enjoyed the match with waves and it looked like snaking from the side stands.
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    I doubt only the native speakers must be using the word as a verb. I am speculative that it is of American origin(as a verb). American English has a way to make noun into verbs. "Wanna game?" is an example of how a noun was conveniently made into verb. In the similar manner, curving tracks can be called snaking tracks or your movement can be.
    English is a flexible language with the familiar words added only recently. There is still much to learn.

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