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    Self contentment has its own value

    I read a message from Muslim religion book about the self content should be in a Human.

    A rich man looked
    through his window and
    saw a poor man picking
    something from his
    dustbin ... He said, Thank
    GOD I'm not poor;
    The poor man looked
    around and saw a naked
    man misbehaving on the
    street ... He said, Thank
    GOD I'm not poor

    The mad man looked
    ahead and saw an
    ambulance carrying a
    patient ... He said, Thank
    GOD am not sick.

    Then a sick person in
    hospital saw a trolley
    taking a dead body to the
    mortuary ... He said,
    Thank GOD I'm not dead;

    Only a dead person
    cannot thank God;

    Why don't you thank GOD
    today for all your
    blessings and for the gift
    of life ... for another

    *What is LIFE*?
    To understand life better,
    you have to go to 3

    *1. Hospital
    *2. Prison
    *3. Cemetry

    At the Hospital, you will
    understand that nothing
    is more beautiful than

    In the Prison, you'll see
    that FREEDOM is the
    most precious thing

    At the Cemetery, you will
    realize that life is worth
    nothing. The ground that
    we walk today will be our
    roof tomorrow.

    Sad Truth* : We all come
    with *Nothing* and we
    will go with *Nothing* ...
    Let us, therefore, remain
    humble and be thankful &
    grateful to God at all
    times for everything.

    A father knows well what and when should be given to his child. But instead children asks father this and that.Similarly we asks God this and that without believing that He will definitely provide one and all if we afford to receive.
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    A fact of life is explained very well by the author. When we look at somebody who is much better than us we will feel ditched. But when we look at somebody who is suffering more than us we feel we are blessed. Contentment is the key for happiness. A cloth on the body, a shelter to live in and two square meals. This is what we require. A good health and peaceful life. We don't need anything more than this. If one can develop this thinking there will not be any worry for the individual.
    always confident

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    What we should learn from others as to how they live in self containment and not their asset acquiring ability. We always compare with others costly thing they posses but we never felt that we are self content with what ever we had. Why Sadhus and Munis could see the God or experience their presence, because they never seek anything extra or more and what ever they get for the day would make them happy and self contained. That kind of attitude is liked by the God and hence he obliges. And for any human being the God would be graceful enough if we express the self containment.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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