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    Encouraging children to use parks,temples,libraries by parents

    Many children nowadays sit idle before computer/android mobiles immediately on returning from school. As parents busy with their own schedule/mobiles/laptop, the totally ignored the children. Instead they should be taken to parks,temples,libraries by the parents by keeping the future of their children as they live/work hard only for them.
    A parent residing in my neighbourhood lives typical in bringing up their eight year old daughter. Mother without hesitating took her daughter to nearby park after returning from school with some play goods, she ask her daughter to play with other children for an hour and she took her to the nearby temple. She guide her to wash hands,legs at the tap available before the temple. She took her inside make her to recite some simple slokas. Then they return home and after a small tea/milk the child starts doing home work. On Sundays/holidays both took the child to near library makes her to glance books,took her to have meals in hotel and in alternate days take her to relatives houses.
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    True. That is the way a child should be brought up. Children follow their parents. Parents are responsible to cultivate such good habits in them. As the parents, so are the children. It is the duty of parents to ensure the physical growth and mental growth of their wards. In olden days, it was the habit formed to take the children to parks, temples and library, exhibitions, drama, cinema etc. These days, with the availability of many channels on TV, parents have no time to care their wards, but they fully concentrate on TV Mega serials. Where is time for the parents to think about parks, temples and libraries. Even they don't maintain good relationship with their relatives staying nearby. Time has changed. We need to go back to our olden days.
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    It is correct. The children should be exposed to the outside world and real games than spending time with laptops and virtual games within the four walls. Otherwise, they will never know the importance of nature and the society. These days as mentioned by the author parents are also busy with their smartphones or laptops. So is the children. This is never advisable. After a full day of study, the children should be taken out and allow them to play with other children for an hour or so, so that they will have a good exercise and their mind will also become fresh and work actively.
    These days many parents never allow their children to spend some time playing. They want them always to study and spend with books. This will make them a little lazy and never like to move. This will have an adverse effect on their health also. For a child, a good exercise every day is a necessity for leading a happy and healthy life.

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    It is rightly pointed out by the author in this thread that the parents must lead life by example. The children always follow their parents and they must instill certain habits in their children that will help them to know the world in the best possible way. Sitting idle and playing games in electronic gadgets will neither help them to grow mentally nor physically.

    All over the world the depression is on the rise and hooking to gadgets all the time and less interaction with the outside world is one of the reason for this rise. Playing outdoor games is a must for every child for their all round development and it helps them to beat anxiety and pressure. Many parents think that education is the most important thing in a child's life, but unfortunately they forget that the most vital thing in life is to learn how to manage everything in life in a wonderful way.

    To know all the different aspects of life, the children must move around with proper guidance from parents and elders, upto a certain age, to learn things. The example of the upbringings of the eight year old child is a wonderful way to grow up. For a child, it is the desire to know things which will help her/him to lead a meaningful life.


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    Good post from the author. Now a days the children are subjected more physical and mental work given by the school after school hours and they are forced to complete the same at the tuition centers or at the home , thereby denying the precious evening hours which are supposed to be allocated for playing games in the park. And come holidays, children prefer to sleep for long hours to which even the parents are also cooperating citing reason that the child is tired the whole week and let him sleep long hour. And thus following religious rituals or visiting temples does not arise. Therefore children are kept away from the glare of God and blessings. And coming to the library part of it, children does not know what is library. As many schools does not have library and if at all a big library is there in a town or city, children reference books are rare and only regular books are available.
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    Modernisation has its own associated perils. The facilities like electronic tablets, smartphones, TV, addictive games etc are affecting the life of children in an adverse way and if corrective actions are not taken in time the things will go to a irreversible state.

    Children should be exposed to our natural habitat as much as possible. They should be taken to parks, lakes and other such places on a regular basis.

    It is also seen that many times taking the children to temples and other religious places helps in keeping them focussed for the good things in life otherwise there are many distractions in the world in the trap of which the children can easily fall.

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