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    Is Lord Ganapathy married or a chronic bachelor?

    Dear all,
    There is a doubt about the marital status of Lord Sri Ganapathy/Vinayaka/Vigneswara. Few say that he is married and has two wives. Someone says he is a bachelor Lord still waiting to get married. Many say that he is a chronic bachelor who doesn't like to be married.

    What is the truth behind the great Lord's marital status?

    You all might have read or listened many stories about the Lord. Please put it up here.
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    There are different views in this respect. There is a story behind the marriage of Lord Vinayaka. Both Ganesh and Subrahmanya Swamy have attained the age of marriage. So their parents want them to get married. Then the question arose was whose marriage has to be performed first. Then the parents called both the sons and told them that whoever makes a round around the earth and come back first, his marriage will be performed first. Immediately subrahmanya started his trip. But Ganesh asked his parents to stand together and went around them. This will be equivalent to a bhoopradikshna. Hence he was got married first,
    Prajapati Vishwaroopa was having two daughters called Riddhi and Siddhi. They were selected to marry Lord Vinayaka. Lord Shiva and Parvati celebrated the marriage. He had two sons named Labha and Kshema respectively.

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    Who said Lord Ganesha is a bachelor. He has two consorts namely Riddhi and Siddhi and in many big Ganesh temples we can see both his consorts occupying either side of him.
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    Lord Ganesha is married to Riddhi and Siddhi. Lord Karthikeya is a bachelor.

    What is the meaning of chronic bachelor?

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    Dr. Rao,
    A wrong story has been portrayed by you. The story is not for marriage. It was Narada who created problem to Ganapathy and Subramanya. Narada brought a special mango that cannot be shared. He presented to Shiva for its divine power. Shiva wanted his sons to have the power, but cannot be given to both, but to only one. Shiva thought of a competition as suggested by Narada. Whoever goes around the world first, will be given the fruit. Lord Subramanya took his peacock vehicle and took off to come around the world. Vinayaka with his big tummy was blinking as he cannot go around the world on his little mouse. Narada gave an indication through his body language to come around his parents who represent the world. Ganesh understood and he took three rounds of his parents Shiva and Parvathi, and said," My dear Dad and Mom, you are the world for me. I came around you three times. Please give me the holy fruit. " Shiva and Parvathi were pleased by the action of Vinayaka and presented the mango to Ganapathy. When Subramanya returned, he found the mango in the hands of Ganapathy. He got annoyed and left kailash to settle down in Pazhani hills with his one feet Langod after a tonsure. He is known as 'Kovanandi'. This is what the story. There is no connection between this story and Ganapathy's marriage.

    @ Mr. Partha:
    Lord Subramanya is not a bachelor but a husband with two beautiful wives. He is married to Deivayanai, the daughter of Lord Indira, and Valli a Gypsy girl. Lord Ganesh is still a bachelor looking for a suitable bride who should look like his mother Parvathi. As per the Tamils, Vinayaka is still a bachelor Lord.

    Chronic bachelor means - A bachelor forever. (Though Chronic refers to a bad thing or a problem, I feel, remaining as a bachelor is a bad thing in life when God has created the opposite sex to marry and enjoy life. Remaining as a bachelor can be a disease also. Hence, it is said as Chronic bachelor)

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    These are imaginary characters which have been created, developed & modified by us through the course of time. The oldest scriptures available is "Vedas", having divided into four different divisions & but no one clarifies the God having some physical appearances or forms. During millions of years of the human civilizations only few of the God surfaced but many more have come up within the last 100 years & the production have even speed up & we soon be evident of more such Gods in our temples. This may look objectionable but is the fact. During ancient times, the nature was supreme & rather than being spiritual, more scientific explanations were found out which we see today as "Vedas". If the readers are well aware of the Gayatri Mantra then by pronouncing this through heart we are requesting intelligence & wisdom from the supreme lord but during the course we reminds ourselves of the Gayatri Mantra then we begin to imagine a woman with four hands & who is sitting on a lotus. I don't feel that this picture existed 100 or 150 years back.

    Our culture is a Godless culture but the idol worshipping got its place in order to do meditation or else it's hard to meditate.

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