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    More than the citizens, the petrol pumps does not want fuel prices to cross 100. Read this.

    We all know that the petrol pumps are digitized and the fuel is served as per the meter reading seen to all. And for the information every petrol serving machine has been designed to accept rupees 99.99 paise only in the rate slot. And if the price rise to 100, the petrol machines cannot take the high price count. Like we faced the problem with replacing the trays of ATM to accommodate 2000 and 500 rupee notes during demonetization, same way petrol vending machines has to be replaced. So more than we worried, the petrol pump owners are much concerned about this and they are praying the fuel price should not reach 100 at all. Hilarious too.
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    There is no need to recalibrate the fuel pumps. They will prepare charts according to the change in the price and collect the money. The oil companies can happily go according to their policy of deciding the fuel prices on day to day basis.
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    There is no need to change the vending machines. The machines can only show how many liters of fuel is filled. Then they can calculate the cost using a calculator and charge the money and a manual bill can be made and given. They may worry only if the price becomes a round figure which will not give them any advantage in saving some small change in each transaction.
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    It is only to indicate the fuel price. That can be isolated from the machine and a separate meter can be attached. The meter will calculate and show the total amount of the fuel drawn. I do not think there is any complication in this. The speed at which we are moving with the fuel price rise, I am sure we will cross Rs. 100/- very soon. Our DRDO team must be working to find the means and methods to overcome this situation.

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    I think there must be an option to reset the machines. Companies manufacturing vending machines and those involved in the calibration of such machines must be already on the job as the prices of petrol and diesel are increasing on a daily basis; the only thing all of us are waiting for is that historic day when the prices will touch the hundred mark.
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