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    Is Vaasthu a scientific concept?

    Some two decades ago, there was a huge interest in what is called "Vaasthu". This was supposed to be an ancient belief that had some scientific basis, in as much as it referred to the particular location of the location of the kitchen, the bedroom and so on.

    Even when it was at its peak, there were dissenting opinions about it. The Vaasthu fever reached a big pitch, with many builders, particularly in parts of South India, claiming that their apartments confirmed to "Vaasthu" requirements.

    The concept went out of big notice for a while. But it is back again in so many places. What exactly is it? Is it based on science?

    There are hundreds of apartments coming up in Chennai, for example, where the entire construction is also inclusive of the various interior design details. All these seem to be highly westernized, though there are apartments costing more than four crore rupees now.

    What is the truth behind Vaasthu?
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    Vaasthu is a science which gives the tips for a better designing of our residential accommodation. When we construct a house we have to plan the construction in such a way that the house will have good ventilation and light. Natural breeze should come inside and there should be proper arrangement for accommodating all the requirements in a proper way. To have these conveniences only vaasthu has been created by our forefathers. It should be understood properly but it should mot become a hindrance for a better arrangement of various needs of the house.
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    Vaasthu is much connected with science for better living with well organised construction. But there are people calling themselves as Vaasthu specialist and loot money by recommending changes in the construction. If anyone suffers, it is their destiny or fate, not because of construction. A person would go to a Vaasthu specialist and tell him that he is not happy in life. Certainly the Vaasthu specialist would blame his residence saying that it was not constructed as per Vaasthu Saasthra.

    @ I do not trust Vaasthu Saasthra experts.

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    Whether a science or not, I don't think to construct a house as per the specifications suggested by Vaasthu Saasthra is possible in the present situation wherein we are facing lack of sufficient space and the culture of apartments and villas being the trend and necessity of the day. Would people build a house in the available space considering their basic requirements and most possible comfort and convenience or would they opt for vaasthu based construction which may not cater to their requirements? I think most of us would go with the first choice. I agree with Sun that people claiming to be vaasthu experts are exploiting people on their renewed addiction to this ancient part of the architecture.
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    Let us take an example of 'Manaiyadi Sasthra'(The length and breath of the house). According to Manaiyadi Sasthra which is part of Vaasthu Sasthra says that the 8, 10,11,16,17 feet dimensions, and goes on beyond hundred as good and excellent to have a house. It doesn't say whether it is for a single room or a whole house. Also it doesn't specify whether the wall thickness of the wall should be included or excluded. No one could clarify this. Some say it is to be included, some say it is to be excluded. What is correct? No one knows.
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    According to me Vastru is the shastra through which we can come to know the better living aspects by well planned and well executed home positioning the aspects of the house at the right place. In other words it is the cleanliness being defined in detail. That means toilets should not be at the entrance of the house which is considered to be the threshold of welcoming Goddess Lakshmi. And the toilet should not be at the source of water, be it well or the bore well or even water sump. Likewise kitchen should not be near the attached bathroom as again it is concerned to the cleanliness aspect. In those days people have rejected following the Vasthu, but now even the non believers are also following this and want their house to be 100 percent Vasthu Complaint. Why because if they want to sell in future, it must be purchased without any second thought by the prospective buyers.
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    Is Vasthu Saasthra applicable to the poor people who dwell under a small roof of 6 by 8 feet? Where will they have their bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hall etc. Hence the poor will remain poorer forever, owing to Vaasthu Sasthra of their dwelling place. Is it?

    Haven't we seen the poorest of the poor lived in a hut becoming a millionaire or billionaire?

    So, Vaasthu Saasthra is only for the rich who dwell in large size houses and bungalows.

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    Even for poor people if their hut position does not come in contact with the toilets in the entrance or near the kitchen, they are also benefited through that observance.
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