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    Have you seen such women?

    At 84, she was sprinting. She was literally busy, exhibiting all her talent in preparing a huge number of dishes.

    This lady, a mother of one of my friends in the outskirts of Coimbatore city, lost her husband a decade ago, but she is now one who never shows it. In the recent past, when I bumped into him, he insisted that I stay behind for lunch. His cousins were also coming, he explained.

    It was a typical Tamil Brahmin household. The cousins arrived with their young wives and they volunteered to cook as well. The old lady, politely told them to just help in cutting the vegetables. The next 90 minutes was spent in fabulous fun and jokes and laughter, in which she also happily participated. She gently chided the "today's women" who hardly knew how to cook!!

    She sprinted up the stairs to fetch something, and she did all the cooking by herself. Taking huge interest in doing what we call "paruppurundai morkuzhambu" ( a dish with dall balls, delicately baked). Lunch was ready, with so many dishes. The cousins explained that she loved cooking and it was her passion. She ate very simple food and did her fasting on "amavasai " days.

    Amazing, to say the least, was her enthusiasm. What makes such women click?
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    My mother is also of 84 years. Whenever we go to our native place she will only cook for us. All the daughters in law will be helping her. My sisters also will help her. But important role will be her's only. She never allow others to cook. The patience and energy the yester years people are much higher than the present generation. They know the easy methods to manage and they have seen many odd things in their lives.
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    It is not the one lady whom you know, but there are many other such women whom we don't know. One of my Paatti(Grand mother) was very good at cooking. Even at the age of 88, she was making papad and selling it. Whenever I visit her, she will compel me to dine with her. The food used to be simple with Aviyal, Poriyal, Koottu with Paruppu Kulambu, Sambhar, Rasam, More, Payasam, Papad and Pickle. All used to appreciate her dishes and say that it is her Kairaasi(Lucky hands). She did not suffer during her last days, and died while at sleep. Her name is Gandhimathi.
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    Generally, the proficiency - level of the people does not drop even in the advanced age, if they have perfect health. Ladies even at advanced ages are quite capable in the efficient cooking, stitching their own clothes and even they can take up house - cleaning and washing.
    Here aging in a natural way does not matter but to lead a life without any health - threatening disease such as Diabetes, High or Low Blood pressure, any heart complication, Arthiritis or impairment of vision or hearing - loss can abruptly detoriate our working - level.
    Hence, it is desirable that the senior - citizens must be looked into properly so that they are not entrapped with the life threatening- diseases, and if at all, such diseases cannot be prevented we should look at the remedies how best such diseases can be managed efficiently.

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    Some women cherish their living of past with their good behaviour and that gives positive vibes to others . We must appreciate that grand old lady that even at 84, she was cheerful, active and above all working better than the normal people and done the cooking with ease. For the elders cooking is the passion and some are well trained to cook for more people and they get immense happiness over making and serving food to large people gathering. And that Parupurundai Morekozhambu mention has really attracted me, as I am really fond of that which is normally made during festivities.
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    Every family has one such lady. One does not have to look beyond one's own parent or grandparent. One does not need to even consider the age or the physical abilities. It is just love. It may or may not be a love for the actual act of cooking (not all people like to cook!). It is more likely the love and sheer happiness to prepare and cook a meal, simple or elaborate, for others, be it close families or little-known guests. There are people who have a simple inherent joy in cooking for others.

    I myself genuinely enjoy cooking for my family and guests (and getting feedback of what is good or bad in what I prepared). Just today my best friend from college days unexpectedly called, saying she was in the locality. I got very excited and insisted that she come home and stay for lunch. I had already prepared the meal and was so thrilled that we could share it. There is this feeling of happiness in the role of a chef, something which ladies may find difficult to explain!

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    There are old ladies aged beyond 80 running a mess. In Tamilnadu, in the district of Tirunelveli, there is small city called 'Panagudi'. Near the bus stand there was a mess known as "Aachi Mess". Aachi in Tamil means - Grand old lady. The mess is maintained and controlled by an old lady. All the three meals provided by the Aachi Mess used to be superb, and the people crossing that area would certainly visit that mess to dine.

    @ Sorry, she is no more. The mess is closed now.

    Whenever I visit such hotel or mess run by an old lady, I would compliment them for the food, and pay some extra sum to encourage and boost their morale.

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    All the women are not like that. There are a few who are blessed to perform the household chorus so nicely especially the cooking part.

    These women are having a great degree of patience and take interest in their work. To cook proficiently and make everyone happy is their motto. They do not bother for their personal space and time when it comes to manage the household affairs.

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    In our brahmins, there is function for 'sacred thread wearing' in every family for their male children. My grand father planned this one for me and my elder brother during 1969. His owner provided his bungalow for this as our normal relatives for any function then was 200(presently it comes to 100). When the function was nearing nearly five old senior ladies,my mother,father's brother wife,mother's two elder and one sister only managed preparation of sweets and snacks for the entire function. Later on entered college only I saw the box in that bungalow in which the sweets and snacks kept as 5*3*3 feet. Nowadays it is very difficulty for present ladies to prepare food for two extra persons.

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    Today, in Bengaluru, I attended a "Valaikaappu"(A ceremony for the first conceived ladies - adorned with bangles) function. It is also known as "Seemantham" in Tamil. There I saw one of my relative lady who is 94. She is still going well without any spectacles or walking stick. She could recognize me well with her naked eyes. When she tried to climb the stair to reach the second floor, I caught hold of her hand. She said," No. I can climb up without anyone's help." She climbed fast like a young lady. Though she lost all her teeth, her speech was very clear. Still she cooks for herself, though she has a large family to care her. I really wondered to see her activity at 94.
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