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    Why not encourage open book examinations?

    What if we allowed students to refer to textbooks and write their examinations? We seem to be only encouraging rote learning through our traditional examinations.

    What they learn is hardly enough to take them anywhere. The students are not able to pass even the first stage technical tests conducted by leading IT companies.

    So, why not test their skills by encouraging them to be more creative? Let up to the third year examinations of an engineering degree be open book examinations.

    Let the knowledge acquisition be the main aim of learning. Let them understand the concepts and indulge in exploring new horizons of knowledge. If there are open book examinations, they will be motivated to do something different. May be, even cutting edge research in engineering will be encouraged in this fashion.

    Can we try to implement this proposition?
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    There is no problem in open book examination system. But the questions should be more application oriented. The student should understand the concept well. He should be able to apply the subject in a more useful way. Simply mugging up and reproducing or copying from the book should not be the case. As mentioned by the author the students coming out with degrees but they are not found to be useful for the industry. So there should be a change in the learning pattern. I am not sure whether the open book system may bring in the desired change or not.
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