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    How can I synchronize the time in the watches or clocks of the members?

    Supposing I want to have some members to work together at ISC as per the time schedule, and have all the members watches synchronized. (To conduct KBC at ISC).

    How to get all the members watches synchronized to have one time in their watches without any difference in minutes and seconds?
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    I think the only way out is to rely on the time reflected in ISC and suggest it as the time applicable. Setting a common time in the watches or other devices of all the members do not appear to be practical.
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    Well, synchronization of time is taken care of by the telecom companies by implementing different techniques and we can follow their techniques. We have GMT, IST etc which we use as standards to compare the time of different regions.

    I think in this case we need to develop a time standard like ISC Standard time by which we can synchronize our watches. Though nowadays the time shown in mobile is much preferred over time shown in clocks because of the accuracy, we can configure it for our mobiles too.

    Another good way is to select a wrist watch particularly for ISC. As a host of KBC at ISC, you should tell all the members to synchronize to a particular time on that watch and everybody will follow that. For example, you may tell the members that at 14:00 Hrs IST please configure the time in the special wrist watch as 00:00 Hrs. Likewise, we can follow the schedule. Let's wait for others opinion too.


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    Instead of harboring and believing your clock and my clock, it is better to follow the ISC clock which is very much perfect and sync with the timing across the country.
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    Mr Mohan,
    Can you tell me where is ISC clock, to follow?

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    As you are hosting the contest your watch can be taken as standard and you can mention the time as we start the game. Once you post a question the player should answer before you place the next question. Otherwise, synchronising the timings may be difficult.
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