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    Women drivers will be more in Delhi

    I say that women drivers will be more in Delhi in future. Every house owning a vehicle will have a women trained in driving. Why I say this. Delhi government had introduced the odd-even vehicle rotation for all vehicles plying in Delhi roads, to control pollution.

    Recently, someone challenged the order saying that the public transports will be over loaded if the scheme was implemented. Hence, the court has relaxed the rule by saying that it is not applicable to two wheelers, and four wheelers driven by ladies.

    Hence, I feel that all Delhites owning four wheelers will encourage their wives and daughters to learn driving to have their vehicles on road on all days.

    What do you say?
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    Yes. I also feel the same. As there is no even odd rule to the vehicles driven by ladies, number of lady drivers will increase. Two wheelers may also increase. I feel it is not a solution for pollution problem. Even traffic also may not come down. The best way to control pollution is to go for CNG or electric vehicles. But I heard that in some foreign countries this arrangement worked well.
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    Though I too feel that with recent court orders women drivers would be increased in Delhi at the same time given the traffic condition in Delhi, the new drivers wont be able to navigate that fast than the men, and again traffic woes would also continue in future. Instead allowing women only on roads, the court should have given road holidays in a week so that no vehicle either by man or women be seen. And those who have more than one vehicle must surrender the same to the government in the interest of Delhi traffic management , then only Delhi can cope up , otherwise chaos would prevail.
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    What happens if a house has two four wheeler, one on the name of husband and the other on the name of his wife? Who will check this and how this will be checked? Odd and even number theory won't work effectively. The best thing is to check for vehicles emitting carbons, and cease them and send them to scrap yard.

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