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    Patriotism cannot stay confined within the higher educational institutions

    We celebrate Independence Day, Republic Day, Indian Navy Day, Martyr's Day, etc to remember the significance of each occasion and pay due respect to all those who sacrificed their lives for the cause of our nation. It is our duty, as a citizen, to know the history of struggles our countrymen went through to fight oppression. The educational institutes and our seniors play a significant role to impart the sense of respect in us and we follow the path shown by our seniors throughout the life.

    When we start to manage life on our own, we look for reasons about what is happening around us and sometimes we are baffled. We look for answers, ask for help, but at times the doubt remains. The recent circular of UGC that requests every higher educational institutions to celebrate Surgical Strike Day is one of them. Here the doubt is related to patriotism. The day has a special significance and there cannot be any doubt into it, but why directing the institutions only through a circular? If it is really for patriotism then observe the day everywhere in the country without limiting it to the educational institutes only. What do the members say in this regard?
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    I am also finding fault with UGC for sending a circular to observe Surgical strike day by certain educational Institutes .This government must make the announcement one day in advance that in future surgical strike day must be observed by all the citizens on the lines of other national day. Why because our gallant Military personnel has conducted this surgical strike for well being and from the security aspect of all the citizens of India and thus it should not be confined to some professional colleges or selective schools. Like Yoga being observed now, next year surgical strike day should also be observed.
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    Patriotism is not something that is to be on show 24x7. It remains embedded in the hearts of all the citizens. They feel it in the heart. It is a feeling which need not be thrust on the people. The UGC circular is one such thing asking all the educational institutes to celebrate 21 September as Surgical Strike Day. The people have respect for the armed forces in their hearts. There is no need to thrust it on them.
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    Surgical Strike Day must be celebrated in all educational institutions (not only in universities), especially when self-seeking politicians had earlier questioned the veracity of such strike. Only very recently they have stopped when the Government released the photos and videos of the strike (which I do not support because it is militarily not advisable).
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    The surgical strike is a secret military operation which should not be in the public domain. It is not good to make it public leave alone celebrating what all the armed forces are doing in the duty of the country. The present government wanted to use it for election propaganda and all unnecessary questions arose. The armed forces should always be in the background but not in print and television media.
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    The surgical strike day should be celebrated by all educational institutes to mark a respect to the people who showed great patriotism and established their commitment for protecting the nation from the neighbours. The central government should release a notification to that effect so that all government as well as private schools will also observe this. I agree that the armed forces should be in the background and they should not disclose their plans before implementing. But their success can be celebrated after attaining.
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    Observance of surgical - strike day would be the reflection of our interest in the line of protecting nation. Hence any such step taken up by UGC to observe a surgical - strike day should be treated as a welcome step. Such rememberances would remind us of the solidarity of the militaries engaged in the noble mission of the security of our nation.
    It would promote the confidence of the personnels involved to protect the safety of the nation.

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    This will help the armed forces personnel feel that most of the people are with them. So, they would not count the opinions of some ''jhola-wala/wali'' liberals of JNU type. People of the country will also learn to understand, appreciate and celebrate military victories of the country. They would feel proud of our military heroes.
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    This is not the first time that the Indian Army conducted operations across the border. Why this particular interest to celebrate this particular operation? Nothing but cheap politics. Why only the educational institutions? Why the UGC is so much interested? Why not others? Everything points out to the present government cheap tactics of trying to get political mileage out of the effort by the armed forces.
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    Absolutely no problem. Let us celebrate all cross-border operations and wars fought by Indian Armed Forces. We must also celebrate the UN Missions of Indian Armed Forces (including Operation Khukri; Ref.: My two-part article). I fully agree.

    We need development of a military culture in the younger generation.

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    Patriotism is not only to observe the national days of importance. It is good that we celebrate on these important dates but equally important is to contribute in the progress of our nation in all respects.

    A soldier is protecting the nation on the borders. We are not soldiers but we are anyway working somewhere in Govt or private offices. Are we contributing honestly there? If yes, we are patriots.

    If I am working in a construction company I must see whether we are taking proper care in the selection of material for construction so that no disaster takes place due to bad quality of construction. If we are concerned about this we are patriots.

    If I am working in an office where some certificates are supposed to be issued to the needy persons in 10 days time, are we taking interest in completing it in the stipulated time or delaying it indefinitely?

    Similarly there are many areas where if we are punctual and honest, we definitely deserve to be called patriots.

    Patriotism is a national culture and celebrating certain days for it is only to affirm it. If our work culture is on the opposite side then we do not deserve this honour.

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    It is true that patriotism should not be within the four walls of auditorium or convention halls.

    It should be observed in our practical life as well. Talking of patriotism is good but until we have it adopted in our life, it has no meaning.

    Some countries have compulsory military training before any job. This is to give a feel of what it is being a soldier. I hope we will also one day have such compulsory trainings.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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